Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Blown Away on the Welsh Coast.

We spent half term in a gorgeous little holiday cottage in New Quay on the West Coast.
Follow this link to see the details of our accommodation.  It really was really lovely and I'd whole-heartedly recommend it to any couple looking for something a bit special in the area.
The weather was extremely variable.  There were lots of grey skies
and all the boats were out of the water to avoid the worst of the winter storms...
There was a little bit of blue sky at Aberaeron...

..and we had lots of fun exploring the quirky shops in Cardigan

We had ringside seats for storm Doris. 
This is high tide on the same day, after the worst of the high winds had passed..

Then we explored Aberystwyth and enjoyed one day of 'real' winter sun.

But the main thing was that Mark had a proper break from the challenges and hassles of his workplace.  The poor weather forced us to slow down properly and we spent ages just reading, crafting, chatting and enjoying the huge view from the upstairs seating area in the cottage.

I also went on a bit of a spending spree in the local fabric and yarn shops.
I spent two hours choosing fabric in Calico Kate when it was raining hard on the Wednesday morning (well there are 12 rooms of fabric to work through!!!!); visited Rosemary's Wool Shop in Aberaeron twice AND had to be dragged out of Clare Wools in Aberystwyth after a perfectly reasonable 45 minute brouse!!!  We also found a wool shop in the lower ground floor of Cardigan Market and stopped off at the wool shop in Brecon during the journey home.  All the ingredients for a great holiday really!
Sadly, things have been a little bit fraught since we got home.  My folks are fine - but I've had car problems and 'in-law' problems, which are time consuming and have made it hard to blog.
There was also an absolute mountain of washing and housework!
Hopefully we're back into normal routine now.
I'll post some 'work in progress' and stash photos later in the week,


  1. Your holiday sounds terrific. I'm glad Mark could recharge, but life resumes doesn't it. Enjoy all your materials, I'm of no talent but appreciate what others create.

  2. It sounds and looks like you had a great time. It's good to have a complete break sometimes. I love coastal towns in the Winter months, so quiet.
    What a shame you've had some problems to deal with since you got back home. Stay strong. X

  3. It looks wonderful, especially that huge window where you can sit and watch the world go by. I bet you were both glad of the break from all the stresses of everyday life.

  4. I am glad you both had a proper rest. It's a lovely part of the world - we had a couple of camping holidays there when our children were young. I suppose the weather was too bosky for dolphins? x

  5. Sounds wonderful, very atmospheric and relaxing, beautiful place xx

  6. you must have passed the end of my drive, glad you had a good rest :-)

  7. Sounds very relaxing, even though the storm was playing havoc all around. Ooh, fabric & wool shops galore! Lovely. I've been to Aberystwyth, a long time ago to catch a little train up into the mountains & thought it beautiful. Hope things are settling down at home & take care.

  8. New Quay looks like a good place to take a break. The view of the sea from your accommodation must have given pleasure when you weren't out and about. Those crashing waves are very atmospheric. Hope all is well back home.

  9. It sounds as if you had a lovely restful and enjoyable time no matter what the weather! It's good to get away from all the stresses and strains and in such a lovely area too, I loved Aberaeron with its colourful houses. Hope all has settled down now you are home again:)