Monday, 20 March 2017

Life's been a bit crazy...

 Last week I had to take a little 'bloggy break'.
There just didn't seem to be enough time to read posts or write anything of my own.
However, I used the time productively...
Here are the 'pocket warmers' that I made for elder niece L., specially for those cold Leeds mornings when she's catching the bus to her work placement.  I hope that she'll think of Thomas when she looks at the little sleeping cat!
I cleared the conservatory (with some help from Mark when it came to the larger bits of furniture!)

I made endless cups of tea for our workmen
as the old superstructure came down and the new one was erected.
The new carpet is being fitting this afternoon so I'll do a proper 'new conservatory post' later in the week...

When I did Mum and Dad's ironing, I noticed that the napkins they use as table mats in the garden were looking very threadbare.  I found some bright poly-cottons in the stash and started to make some replacements for Mother's Day..
I collected some wheels for Mark's latest car project.

And helped him put them on the car on Friday afternoon.
(We're both SO pleased with the way that they've created the 'modern retro' look that we wanted)

THEN... on Saturday afternoon... we were involved in a road accident.
Basically we were travelling past a road junction at 30 mph.
A driver just didn't see us and pulled out into the side of the vehicle.
Fortunately everyone was ok..... but her car has been written off and the damage to ours could be worse than it looks.  The front of her chassis hit our rear passenger wheel and we suspect that the rear axle is no longer correctly aligned.  She's accepted full responsibility for the accident, but we're now into the inconvenience and paper-chase of sorting things out....

This week I'm hoping for a few days of 'calmer waters'!!!!


  1. Oh no! Everything was going so well. So glad nobody was hurt, hope that's the start and end of the drama and you get to enjoy a bit of calm.

  2. Thank goodness no one was hurt. I hope you get all the insurance sorted quickly. It looks like you've had a busy week. I had a bit of a bloggy break too and it took me quite a while to catch up.
    I do like the fabric you have used for the pocket warmers and the table mat idea is so thoughtful. X

  3. I'm glad no one was hurt but you'll have another busy week now sorting it all out. Love the pocket warmers, it was nasty this morning in Leeds so I'm sure they'll have been put to good use straight away.

  4. Glad that accident wasn't bad & nobody was hurt. I hate seeing things like that. The other car is looking very snazzy with it's new wheels. Look forward to seeing how you get along with your conservatory, as it's something I've always hankered after, though I'm not sure why in the heat we are having this autumn (giggle). Have a better week & take care.

  5. So glad no one was hurt when you had your bump all that paperwork is such a pain though isn't it? I rememeber that time of one conservatory down the other witing to go up, so much upheaval, it will be great when it's all finished:)

  6. I'm glad you're back! Oooh, the conservatory will be lovely when it is finished! Hurrah for that. Nooo, that's awful about the car.
    I am enjoying all your sewing endeavours- nice idea about the napkins too!x

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