Monday, 27 March 2017

'C' is for.. stuff that makes me smile

'Crafting and Creative Projects'
Here are the placemats and coasters that I made for Mum for Mother's Day.
They're made with poly-cottons and brushed cotton (rather than batting) so they should go through the washing machine without problems. This was my first 'go' at anything like this so I was really pleased with the result.  Mum really liked them too.
I've also been flexing and stretching my 'musical creativity' recently.  I write material for harp on a regular basis but it's been a very, very long time since I last wrote anything for piano.  This week I finished a piece called 'Prelude' for one of my intermediate piano pupils.  It's been nice to exercise my brain in a different way... and quite challenging to make sure that the music is of the right level to have 'durability' but still accessible to a 11 year old boy.
'Cats getting in the way of crafting'
Thomas is really back on form.  I took him to the vets last Wednesday and she said that his heart was good, the thyroid tablets are keeping his weight up, and he's enjoying a pain free life with the pain medication.  He was slightly puzzled to find Mark sewing on badges in the conservatory.. he jumped up and started to play with the thread and needle.
Eventually Mark gave in and 'fussed' him for a while.  The net result is that we now have new black tops for the show that are generously covered in white cat fur!!

Mark has worked really hard to get the current project looking good for the 'Restoration Show' at the NEC next weekend.  Obviously she still needs paint, glass and a new interior - but the new wheels and all the mechanical modifications under the bonnet give a pretty good idea of his creativity.  It's also given him the motivation to start scheduling the final stages of the build.  Hopefully I'll be posting pictures of a finished car by the end of the year!!!

And the meanwhile there's been no confirmation of the situation with regards to the damaged Series 2 Disco - so we're still waltzing around in this wee beastie..

Actually we've become rather fond of this car and a custody battle is starting to develop.  This week Mark has got her today, I'm driving her tomorrow, Mark has her on Wednesday, we're sharing Thursday and I'm driving Friday! This was a photo of her first 'grass between the wheel treads' moment at Croome Park yesterday afternoon!!  A little bit silly, but also fun...
Ofcourse there's always some serious stuff going on in the background... but these are things that have made me smile in the last few days


  1. Well done on those placemats, something I've never made as we usually use a tablecloth inside & those plastic type outside, though our favourites at the moment are some we bought in UK last year. I need to ask, what make the car is? Although my hubby is a petrolhead too, I'm not the best with what type, but usually can tell him the colour (lol). I do like the photo of Mark & cat. Happy composing, have a good week & take care.

  2. C is for stuff....
    And what a load of good stuff as well! I love the idea of a custody battle over the Disco. Made me smile a lot!

  3. I really like your placemats, lovely. Thomas sure is handsome and so happy he's perky, if now pesky.

  4. A lovely round up of lots of good stuff. I'm so pleased to hear that Thomas is doing well, I know how upsetting it is when our furry friends are unwell so it's good to know that the meds are doing their job.

  5. Glad to hear Thomas is doing well and getting back to his old self again. The place mats and coasters are lovely:)

  6. What a lovely Mother's Day gift, very pretty. Thomas is a rather handsome chap xx

  7. A very productive time! Look forward to seeing you all again before took long and getting to meet Thomas!
    Hope the weekend is going well x

  8. Oh dear I right it would show it was Lea!

  9. What a happy round up! I loved Thomas winning the battle of wills. Cats always win!!! You have some great placements there- I hope she loves using them!
    The car custody battle made me smile! Yay for composing!! It is so satisfying composing! I wish I did more like I used to. Mainly Christmas songs now and arrangements for our school orchestra, choir, recorder club or indeed my own flute quartet. Might we hear a recording of your Prelude???X

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