Huntington's Disease and My Family

Huntington's Disease does NOT skip generations.  Both myself and my sister have the gene, and we both have a 50% chance that it's switched on.  There's no grey area in this - both of us could have the disease and equally we could both escape.  My sister has two daughters.  If she has HD then they will also have the gene.  If her HD gene is switched off, then the girls are not at risk and will not develop HD at all.

My Grandad and one of my Great-Aunts had HD.  My other Great-Aunt didn't have the gene switched on, so that branch of the family are completely free of HD. 

My Mum is 73 and has entered what could be described as the 'full-blown' stage (where it's impossible to live much of a normal life round the challenges of the illness).  She had a brother but he died of cancer in 1986 and didn't have a family - so we don't have any cousins in the same situation.  My Dad, who is 77 and struggles with asthma, is currently her full time carer.

In our family HD starts to show in our late 50s.  My sister and I could be tested to see if we are going to develop it.  Currently we have both decided not to......

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