Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Latest From Chilly Worcester...

Hullo... It's another post from Ella
Female servant says that she's got 'blogger's block' at the moment so it's left to me to reassure the world that things are fine in Worcester.  Can you see the cobwebs on my face in this photo?  I got a bit carried away on a 'cupboard safari' last week.  I ended up squeezed behind a drawer, under the work-surface in the darkest corner of the deepest kitchen cupboard.  I can report that female servant has never dusted here.  It made me sneeze!!
Life has got a bit complicated since my last post.  Some of the local young male cats think that they can just peer at me through the hall window.  I think that's SO RUDE so I've started to glare at them from the lounge window.  This is my irritated face....

And here's the 'swishy' tail that goes with it!
At the moment I'm just protecting my indoor territory.  If the servants open the front door when I'm anywhere near, I run away.  Then I prepare to jump on any invaders from a position of strength - such the kitchen doorway.  Female servant has told the neighbours that she thinks I might be a 'swipe first, ask questions later' sort of cat.  She knows me so well!!!

The servants had a few days off last week. 
It was nice to have both of them around for fussing AND it was good to see male servant look at bit less tired and stressed.  They went for a few walks and enjoyed the sun.

Since January, female servant has been going to the local quilters club meetings.  She started working on a cushion for the 'Chairman's Challenge' while they were on holiday.  She finished it this afternoon.  I think it will look fine once it's got a few cat hairs attached but she's hidden away until the meeting in April....

She's used the 'quilt as you go', strip quilting technique.  There's a lot more top stitching than she'd normally do and it seems - from the pleased human squeaks - that she's pleased with herself.

I still think it needs 'furring in'!!!
Sending hugs and purrs to everyone.
Stay warm during this cold spell.
Ella (and Jx)

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

I was left!!!!!

Hello... it's Ella again.
Do you realise that I've been with my new servants for six and half weeks??
Female servant hasn't blogged much recently.  I've kept her busy with lots of games and fuss AND she keeps going out to do things.
Even my cutest 'play with me' expression didn't keep them at home two weeks ago.
This - apparently - was the view from their hotel window in Bristol....

They explored the harbour and Clifton Gorge... even though it was raining really badly
(should have stayed at home with me!!)

Male servant indulged in a very luxurious hot chocolate in a café in Clifton..

Then they explored some of the interesting Victorian side streets...

And then they ended up drinking 'Pawn star Martinis' in a bar on Saturday night!!!

I didn't enjoy being left alone. 
The lady who fed me lives across the road and she has three cats.  Obviously they could smell me on her clothes.. so they started to stare at me through the window by the front door.  Fortunately Male servant ordered a large parcel and this useful box/vantage point appeared.

I gave everyone a VERY HARD STARE
which roughly translates as "Don't even think about going out again!!!"

But the following weekend they went to a fancy Sunday lunch at the Worcester Cricket Club..

And female servant has been walking masses in a bid to get fitter..

I'm just rolling around on the pipes....

..And practising my cuddling skills!

Female servant says to wish everyone a good week.
She hopes to get her blog back soon!!