Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Developing New Habits

If this whole adventure (a.k.a. the mad idea) is going to work, I know that I'm going to have to tweak my spending a little bit further.  Basically I'm going to try out the financial regime that I'll have to follow now - while I'm still working.  If it doesn't work then I know then I've got time to think of other options. The only REALLY bad habit I have at the moment involves coffee shops, cakes and magazines.  I love sitting in a window, watching the world go by with a strong black coffee steaming in front of me.  Just add a piece of cake and a foodie magazine and that's it.... I'm in heaven!

Yesterday I walked down to the local Garden Centre just for a bit of fresh air.  I wandered through the festive section (completely un-inspiring) then decided that a restorative piece of flapjack would be nice.  I was just about to buy a magazine and 'do the whole thing' ...when my Small Voice of Moving On squeaked "That's going to be the best part of 10 quid!"

So I came home and made the same effort in my own front room.  I looked out some pretty china that I don't use regularly and popped a slice of Plum tart and cold custard on my favourite plate.  I made plenty of strong coffee, looked out a Woman and Home Christmas Food magazine from 2006 and sat in the sun in my lounge.  It was lovely.

(The magazine also reminded me of some 'old-favourite' recipes that I will be able to resurrect for this Festive season.  Can't argue with that!)


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Life Changing Decisions

This year things have just got worse and worse in my little corner of the educational world.  Due to a Maternity Leave that has gone completely wrong, I am doing the work of approximately two and half teachers.  Ofsted has left it's own little legacies - while we are simultaneously introducing a Sixth Form to the school for September 2015.  I worked myself so hard in the first eight weeks of term that I was too ill to go on holiday in October.  It's all been a bit 'daft' really

So a couple of weeks ago, I gave in and started to listen to my small voice of sanity.  I'm lucky... I have choices and now is as good a time as any to start exploring them!  At the same time I realised that I missed blogging too.  So I'm starting again with this blog about the highs (and lows!) of moving on. 

Actually... between you and me... I'm really scared.