Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The New Conservatory ... and other things that shine!

The old conservatory did excellent service for almost 20 years...
But it was poorly insulated, leaked and severely restricted the light in the dining room.
Now I have a lovely light new room, with carpets that match through the whole of the ground floor.  I'm SO pleased with it. 

There are a few patchwork cushions and a small quilt in there at the moment that I might replace.  I've got some lovely pale purple/grey/blue/green fabrics in the stash that will make a new quilt and a few cushions.  I've also decided to move a few bits from my blue and white pottery collection onto the window sills.... I just need to have a sort out in the kitchen and decide what's going where!

Yesterday Mum and Dad came round for a little 'celebrating the finished conservatory' lunch.
I got out my two tier cake stand, tea plates etc. so that we could do the whole thing 'in style'.  We sat and chatted in the sun for about 3 hours.... which was so relaxed and lovely.

And - yesterday morning - this wee beastie arrived on the drive too!
It's a brand new (26 miles on the clock) Discovery 5.
It's the car provided by the insurance company until our old Discovery is sorted out.
(Basically we've got it because the 'normal' vehicles provided to cover periods of accident repair aren't capable of moving a full size harp or towing a 3 1/2 tonne car trailer!)
It's ENORMOUS and it took me several hours to pluck up the courage to drive it!
Now I've got used to it... I actually quite like it. 
Ofcourse 'Petrol Head Mark' has fallen in serious love!!

Sadly my old Discovery was declared a 'write off' this morning - so we're now in the process of negotiating a settlement and finding a replacement.  We won't be buying a Discovery 5 though... Mark told me last night that this car is currently being sold for £65,000!!!!!!!!  (Now I'm even more nervous about driving it......!)  Mark's tasked me to go up a local 4X4 garage this afternoon and see how much a similar condition, 15 year old vehicle will cost.
How did I ever find time to teach????


  1. What a difference, I'm sure your new brighter, leak-proof conservatory will get lots of use, it's a lovely place to sit and enjoy the sun. Sorry to hear about the car, I hope you find a replacement quickly, though Mark probably wants you to drag your feet so that he gets to keep the hire car a bit longer.

    1. I've already had exactly the same conversation with him this morning!! Jx

  2. They exchange is no robbery...could you not offer to exchange your write off with what you're driving now?!!! Looks like a handsome celebration tea was had by all involved...rather jealous. x

  3. Your new conservatory looks a lovely bright space and afternoon tea is the perfect way to enjoy it.
    It's a shame about your car. I hope you manage to find a replacement quickly. The courtesy car isn't bad, however. X

  4. How did we ever find time to teach? I have no idea. The Disco is lovely... but at 65,000 a little above my paygrade. It won't surprise you to know that my Doctor brother has one. But I wouldn't do their job even for a wage that's good enough to get a Disco. Good look with the car hunt!

  5. Your conservatory looks lovely & yes I am envious, even though we have a large house, something I've always hankered after was a garden room or something similar. We have a (I think) about a 10 year old Nissan X-Trail, which tows our 16ft caravan (heavier here than UK ones) which does a brilliant job. My niece & hubby in Leeds have just bought a fairly new one & love it. Just a thought. I do drive it & it's OK, but I'm very short & still would like my 25+ year old Nissan Pulsar back, (boo hoo) but I sold that when hubby retired. I've never been sure how I worked full time & raised 3 kids as well. Happy car hunting & take care.

  6. The conservatory is wonderful. I can hear the music from your harp coming from the space. What a terrific tea spread. I hope it gave an afternoon of joy to your parents.

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