Saturday, 4 March 2017

Saturday 'Show and Tell'

We've had this old footstool for years.
We bought it with a suite from the Co-op in Worcester in the mid-90s.
The suite was replaced years ago but this was too useful to be thrown away.
It's mid-90s colours looked ok with the old carpet...
but it's not looking great with the new one!
So I'm making a little quilt to cover it.
I'd been saving these fabrics for some kind of project for the lounge..
and this seems like the perfect opportunity to use them!
The main section is just 5 X panels of random 'quilt as you' strips.

There's going to be a narrow cream border
then the side of the quilt will be five of these floral print squares.
(The floral pattern is actually a beautiful screen print....
which I picked up for £1 a metre in a clearance bin!)

In the evenings I'm also working feverishly on this lace scarf.
I hope that I'll be able to give it to my friend for her birthday in 10 days time.
I love the effect, but the yarn is an absolute pest to work with!

On Thursday morning, niece L. and I went for a walk and lunch in the Wyre Forest.
She's doing a nursing degree in Leeds so her holidays tend to be at slightly weird times.
It was such a luxury to be out and about under blue skies!

The paths were really water-logged..

but we managed to walk a decent length loop around the forest tracks
and along the old railway line.

It was lovely to catch up with all her news.
This evening Mum and Dad are coming for dinner.
We're having Shepherds Pie (a good one for people with HD)
Tomorrow we're off to Oxford to try and tackle some of the 'in-law issues'...
Between you and me, I'd rather stay at home and craft...
but Mark would like my support (which is fair enough!)
I am, however, taking the birthday scarf with me to work on.
I'm hoping that I'll feel less like throttling people if I can keep my fingers occupied!!


  1. I wish I was able to work magic with fabric. It will give the foot stool a new lease of life.
    The walk looks lovely. We've been out this morning and everything was just so muddy it made walking difficult.
    Please send some of your blue sky this way.
    Good luck in Oxford. X

  2. You have been busy. I too have in-law issues ☹ , which we are both doing our utmost not to get dragged into. I will be relieved when J retires and we can disappear to another county, never to be found by them.

  3. I actually like the colour of the footstool, but it's nice to have a change and the quilt you're making to cover it will look great. The colours of the scarf are lovely. Sounds like a good idea to work on it whilst you're away in Oxford. Glad you had a time with your niece. I'm sure she needed the holiday and the walk in the woods looks an enjoyable way to relax.

  4. It's great to catch up with family you don't see too often and it looks like you had a great walk. Both quilt and scarf look pretty and it's a good idea to take the scarf with you to work on whilst you are away. Max send purrs to Thomas. Take care:)

  5. Family, the good, the bad, the stressful. I hope all works out for you.Tje footrest will look new!

  6. Family, the good, the bad, the stressful. I hope all works out for you.Tje footrest will look new!

  7. That footstool will look lovely with it's new coverings. Just jazzing up something tired is good. The walk looked interesting, even though it was very wet underfoot & like me, I do love getting out in the countryside to walk. Hope the weekend was OK with in-laws & the scarf came along nicely amongst any mayhem.
    Have a good week & take care.

  8. I hope you managed to get some work done on the scarf, it's looking lovely but I know what you mean about the yarn, there's certain types which just aren't easy to work with. Everywhere seems to be so muddy at the moment which isn't great when you've got a white kitchen and a dog! I'm forever cleaning everything down.

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