Thursday, 16 February 2017

The New Carpet Post...

In my role as 'Domestic Services Manager', I've spent the last few days moving stuff.
The hall, stairs, landing, lounge, dining room, cloakroom and under-stairs cupboard all had to be cleared for the new carpets.
The big harp ended up in a corner of the study for safe keeping...
The baby harp found it's way to the back bedroom (along with the contents of all the cupboards and all the pictures off the walls)..

The conservatory was absolutely rammed with furniture...

And here's 'one last view' of the old carpet.
In this photo it probably doesn't look too bad but it was badly faded, threadbare and moth eaten in the corners.  It was also a strange 1990s shade of pink/peach...

Here's the new carpet - actually small flecks of cream, beige and 'modern grey'.
It's one of those super-hard wearing carpets, which means I don't need to worry about any accidental spills, cats or pupils!!!!

Then we had to put everything back...
This week we've also had the front and back doors replaced
AND Mum and Dad are having all the building work done for their lift.
AND I decided to start a quilt and some cushions for the lounge....
(photos to follow)
I am so pleased with it all... but also a bit knackered!!


  1. I think I know exactly the pinky peach colour you mean, we had the same in the living room here when we moved in. Isn't it amazing whenever a room needs to be cleared just how much stuff there is! I don't think we own that much stuff really but wow it mounts up.

  2. Looking fun! Hope everything is sorted now x

  3. It's looking lovely already. A new carpet can give a whole new look to a room.

  4. Sounds like a busy week with lots of upheaval, you will be glad to get back to normal. The new carpet looks good:)

  5. It looks fab. I love a new carpet. It can really change the look of a room and breathe new life into it. X

  6. We had a new carpet last year, I think it makes the whole room feel new, fresh and lighter. Not surprised you're exhausted xx

  7. I know you know this already but, that new carpet is so much better! xx

  8. Glad it's you doing all of that moving, but I can't wait to see it all back & how it looks. Hope you Mum & Dads' building work is going well too. Ooh, look forward to seeing the quilting!!! BTW, did you get my email? Have a good week & take care.

  9. It looks lovely. Its always hard work prepping any room for decoration or new flooring because everything has to come out. Hopefully it will last as long as the previous one.

  10. OOoh, it looks splendid! I long for lovely carpets when I buy a house!!!!

  11. I didn't think your old carpet looked bad - until I saw the new carpet. You'll love that it wears well. We're living without carpet at the moment and I thought I'd do the same when we finish building, but I've really missed carpet over the last few months, so maybe some big rugs for us next time.