Friday, 29 December 2017

Situation Report from Ella

Hello... It's Ella here!
I've been with my new humans for six days and it's all going extremely well.
I love watching the world from my 'safe spot'... Jan's piano stool.
I enjoyed joining in with the Christmas meals and celebrations.

I know that I mustn't get on the table and start nibbling the cheese!
(Anyway, I'm a very well-behaved cat... and I want Jan and Mark to love me and keep me forever)

Jan has guessed lots of things about me by the way that I've settled in....
She's worked out that my previous home was pretty chaotic, with at least one dog and small children.  When I first arrived I used to gobble all my food up as quickly as possible.  Now I know that I can leave it and it will still be there when I get back. I also know that I've got regular meal-times, which is a lot less stressful.  I was very upset on Christmas morning when I heard some small children's voices in a dark room.  I now know it was something called a 'radio'.

She's also worked out that I was often left with the dog/dogs.  I can spend hours lying quite still and watching the world.  When people want to be with me I can take an unlimited amount of fuss.  I haven't scratched Jan or Mark at all since I met them.  I'm very proud of this.
The only things I'm struggling with at the moment is working out how to 'play' with Jan and Mark.  My previous home didn't really give me the chance to play and I get in a muddle with it.  I also find it difficult to work out when I can get on laps and have a cuddle.  Each day I try to sit on some-ones lap for a little more time... it's nice but it just feels a bit weird.
Today Jan has played the harp and the piano AND used something called a sewing machine. 
She was pleased that I didn't get upset with all these noises.  I told her that they were nothing compared to my previous home!! 
She tells me that I should wish everyone Happy New Year at the end of this post.
So.... hugs and purrs from Ella
(and Jan!)


  1. Good to get an update, Ella. I'm sure Jan and Mark are great people to own!

  2. Lovely post & sometimes I wonder if you aren't related to my friend Kate with your similarity in blogging with your pets as the host, but then I don't have a pet these days, otherwise I'd possibly do the same. Huggles to Ella & her loving family & a Happy New Year.

  3. So glad to see that Ella is settling in so nicely! Happy New Year!

  4. A very happy New year to you too Ella and to your family. It sounds as if you are settling in very well. I'd love to give you a cuddle!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  5. I know you are going to have a very happy new year with your new family Ella please wish them a happy new year from me:)

  6. Hello Ella, it's good to read that you are gently settling in with Jan and Mark. I'm quite sure they understand that you are still learning about play and cuddles so don't worry about it, they will be patient with you. We wish you and them a Happy New Year. x

  7. Aww, Happy New Year to you too Ella, and your humans xx

  8. Hello beautiful Ella. I'm so happy for you that you're settling into your new forever home. You are such a lovely kitty! I hope you have fun exploring your new home and getting to know your family. Lilly and I send you lots of hugs! Pat

  9. This has made my day. Happy New Year Ella, and to those who share your home too. X

  10. Ella, it is nice to hear from you and I'm glad to hear you appreciate Jan's intelligence and empathy so quickly! You are in safe hands! And lucky you to listen to the harp!

  11. You are indeed a beautiful cat who has truly fallen on her feet (paws) You seem to be settling into your new home very well.

  12. Like Jules, this made my day - lump in throat time :)

    Who knew that not only is Ella the prettiest girl, but beautifully behaved and so articulate as well?

    Don't worry sweetie, very soon you will have forgotten the noisy dog, the unruly children, the missed meals. You're in your forever home now, xx

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