Monday, 18 December 2017

Doing the Right Thing?

I really don't know...
Yesterday Mark and I went to see a couple of cats at a local Animal Rescue Centre.
We're going to go back and meet them again properly on Friday.
If one of them seems like the right sort of character to fit in with the way things roll in our house, then we'll bring them home after Christmas.
I found that I've been sinking into quite a low mood since Thomas died.
I hid it with my 'professional face' for a few weeks but everything just erupted on Friday night.
I've cried.... not just for Thomas, but for lots of other stuff as well.
Mark's been worried about me.
So I feel that it's the right time to settle and work with another younger cat...
My sister (who thought that she'd give herself at least six months between cats but actually lasted three weeks) is positive and supportive.  Some friends and teaching Mums, who thought I was doing suspiciously well, have made all the right noises of support too.
I was a upset by a text from a neighbour/friend this afternoon though.. "What about all the nice weekends away you were going to plan?  And what will Thomas (his spirit!!) think of it all?"
Not helpful really..... when I'm feeling totally wobbly.
To be honest, this is probably the first time when I've thought that it would be easier to deal with stuff if I was working.  It's hard to be based at home without the emotional checks, balances and distractions of the workplace.
Anyway, watch this space for further details...
I may just completely fail to bond with either of the cats and then we'll be 'back at square one'!


  1. I think you'll know if it's right and as for the neighbour asking what Thomas would think of it all, he'd be happy for you to do whatever's right for you. Don't take anyone's advice, listen to yourself because no one other than you really knows how you feel about it.

  2. Hi dear Jan. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way when my dear Pumpkin left us. I waited a bit before adopting Lilly but it was a sad time for me. I think it's a wonderful idea to adopt a new kitty and give them a new forever home. And, for you it's someone to love and take care of. I wish you all the best. Pat xx

  3. We lost our first cat Biddy in February 1997 when we'd just moved to where we are now. We were going to wait until summer before taking on another cat but we lasted until the end of March and then took on brother and sister Chloe and Max who were nearly a year old through Cat's Protection. Max is still with us and I still weep now and then when I think of Chloe who we lost August 2016. You will know which if any of the cats you meet will be right for you. Whatever you decide and whichever cat you eventually choose it will have a wonderful loving home:)

  4. I know just what you mean, when we lost our previous bun we were going to wait, but the house was so quiet I started looking at rescue sites not long afterwards.
    We also got the "but what about your holidays" comment from a few people.

    Enjoy your time meeting the cats, even if neither of them are right for you.

  5. If it's right, only you will know. Don't dwell on what your neighbour has said. I can only imagine Thomas would be glad you are once again opening your heart and home to another in need of a loving family. X

  6. Oh I feel for you! It's so difficult! I do so hope you can bond with the cat- so many need love and you have much to give and I am sure Thomas would remember your love and want another cat to have that! But do what you think is rightx

  7. Take no notice of what your neighbour said. You must do what you think is right for you. You loved Thomas very much, and I'm sure that he would think you were doing a wonderful thing. Adopting another cat who is in need of a loving home doesn't diminish the love you had for him one bit. I'll be thinking of you on Friday. x

  8. Oh Jan, I'm sorry I was not around at the end of last year but things were a bit mental here and I didn't manage to keep up with anyone else's blog.

    I completely understand the crying you describe, I know I exactly that after Ollie died.

    As for your neighbour . . . does pillock fit the bill, or were they trying to be funny?

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