Tuesday, 2 January 2018

When Ella was Asleep...

We had a very 'gentle' Christmas break this year - not too much rushing around, eating and drinking, and staying up late, but lots of quality time with family and friends. 
On Boxing Day we went to Worcester Cathedral Cloisters to see the annual display of charity trees.  The low winter sun was shining through the glass and it gave an extra 'glow' to the whole event.
Mum managed very well with her walker - she's at the front in the photo below.
(Standing and reading is incredibly difficult for people with HD.. but my Mum is always super-determined in these sorts of situations.)

I'm always in awe of the creativity in these displays.  This tree was provided by a vintage clothing shop in the town.  It's been inspired by a fairy from a 1950s tree.  The neckline is made of baubles and the sash is made of tinsel and beads.  So pretty!
I totally fell for the romance of this tree.  It was created by the local Operatic Society and has a 'Marriage of Figaro' theme.

Close up it's even more gorgeous.  I'd have a tree like this in my living room if I could.

Wouldn't it look amazing at a winter wedding?

I saw these 'parcel's at the bottom of the tree created by a local mental health charity.
They'd worked with a snow-flake theme ... "Everyone's different and equally beautiful".

On 27th December me plodded across the snow-fields of the East Midlands to see Mark's Mum.  She lives in Sleaford (south of Lincoln) which is an awkward return journey for us to do in one day from Worcester.  Nevertheless, with her health problems, it's easier to devote one day of the holiday to a lot of driving rather than trying to deal with both Mums at this end (I hope that doesn't sound harsh..)

Then... for a couple of days I was laid low with the nasty bug that's going round.  Mark was delighted because it gave him chance to do some jobs in the garage on his current project.
Yesterday we joined some friends at the local model engineering club for their members New Year's Day event.  Here's Mark (in the hat) learning how to drive the track...

I was still feeling pretty rough but I still drove a bit and rode behind my friend...
(No pictures of me - I looked seriously ''full of a cold'!)

And younger niece I. joined us for a few circuits in the afternoon...
Today Mark went back to work.  Ella was unimpressed by the early alarm clock.  I don't think Mark was that pleased about it either.  I managed to sleep through the whole thing.... which didn't impress either of them!!!!!!


  1. Those trees are beautiful. I'm always in awe of the work that goes into producing such displays. X

  2. WE WENT BACK TO SCHOOL TODAY!!! I was sooooo unimpressed by this! I've been at my school 11years and we have never gone back on the 2nd!!

    I love that vintage dress tree!

  3. Those trees really are quite beautiful, what a lovely display. Ella is rather lovely too xx

  4. Those trees are beautiful. I think it would be so pretty to be there at night. The one photo reminded me of the game "pass the parcel" taught to our girl scouts by a British leader. Do they still play that game?

    Ella is a pretty cat. Is she as calm as she looks in the photo?

  5. A lot of work went into that decorated Christmas tree event. What a beautiful setting for it! Those parcels under one tree created by a mental health charity are lovely. It sounds as if you had a good Christmas break. Best wishes for a happy new year.

  6. That's a beautiful display of trees. Sorry you weren't feeling well but I'm glad you were able to spend time with your loved ones. Say hello to Ella from me and Lilly. Pat xx

  7. What a beautiful way to spend holiday time. I love your pictures and seeing green grass.

  8. Those trees look wonderful in the cloister. Hope you feel well again soon:)

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon. So many people seem to have the same sickness including over here. So nice that your mom was able to enjoy the tree display with you.

  10. Some of those trees are stunning, a lovely display.

    No, you don't sound harsh at all - dealing with one unwell elderly person is very, very hard. Two at the same time - extremely difficult.

    How did Ella cope with you being out all day? x

  11. Those trees are amazing & never seen anything like it.
    The trains would be just right for my younger brother as it's his "thing". Poor Mark & Ella, but at least you got a good night's sleep. Take care.

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