Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A Bit of Christmas Fun....

Every year Mark's Boss stands everyone a 'full English' breakfast in the week before Christmas.  The dress code is Christmas jumpers, silly hats and any other festive accessories.  There's a competition for the best outfit, which is voted on by the engineers at the breakfast, and the prize is a nice bottle of fizzy wine. 
In the past Mark hasn't really bothered with the whole thing (he HATES Christmas jumpers and refuses to buy one just for the event).  This year he had a complete change of heart and 'commissioned' me to make him an outfit.  We made the patterns together, mashing up the size and shape of a body-warmer with an old waistcoat, and copying a bow tie into a cardboard pattern.  I started the waistcoat before Thomas died.. then crafting stalled a bit due to circumstances and motivation.  The recent snow days (and the fact that the breakfast is next week) gave me the time and impetus to get the job finished.
I'm really quite pleased with the whole effect....
I used 'Quilters Dream' batting (which I use for all my quilt-as-you-go projects) to shape the waistcoat.  It meant that I could do a nice striped lining and it's given the garment some stability (as well as warmth).  The bow tie and the back of the waistcoat are made out of the star design.  The reverse of the bow tie is a sparkly orange, which looks great when Mark's wearing it.

Then I've made him a sack to fill with 'presents' and sling over his shoulder as he walks into the breakfast...  He's also got a red furry 'Santa Hat' to complete the look!

Mark's really pleased with it and plans to wear everything again on Christmas Day.  I'm just delighted that it all relatively tidy (because I'm still sewing on my old 1960s Singer).  It will be interesting to see what the other engineers think of our efforts.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post.
(When I've got a little bit more time over Christmas I'll update the HD pages so I can keep you posted on any other developments that come out through the HD community.)
It's starting to feel a bit like Christmas!


  1. He is going to be the best dressed there. You've done him proud, well done.

  2. He's going to look very smart. A Full English must make a refreshing change from Christmas Dinner. X

  3. Ooh, great idea, he will look very festively smart! I think my OH, who is also anti-Christmas jumper, would tolerate that outfit.

  4. Jan, now how clever are you. It all looks super & hope we have a photo on the morning he sets out for the breakfast & news of the voting. Take care.

  5. What a great alternative to a Christmas jumper, it certainly deserves to win best outfit:)

  6. That's fab - you are SO clever! Can't you persuade Mark to pose in his outfit? I've just been catching up: I thought of you and your sister as soon as I heard the HD news on the radio. It's very exciting and must give you all some light. On the down side, I was very sorry to read about Thomas. I know what it's like to love and care for an elderly cat and the loss, when it comes, is terrible. Be kind to yourself, Jan, and make the most of your beautiful surroundings to distract you when you need it. x

  7. This is excellent! Clever you!x