Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Beating the Blues..

This morning I was missing Thomas badly....
I tried to distract myself by doing some piano practice (I've got a accompaniment job coming up in 10 days time at the Birmingham Hippodrome) but my heart wasn't really in it.  So eventually I took myself off on my favourite walk by Worcester Racecourse and the River Severn.
While I was walking I made myself count my blessings.
At first it wasn't much more than "It's dry and mild.. and I'm not stuck in a classroom".
That was the best I could do for about half a mile.
Then.. "I'm so lucky to have this lovely space on my doorstep"

"I live in a city with a green heart...."

"I'm lucky that people constantly maintain the racecourse area and that it's open to everyone."

"Breaks in the clouds"
(a mile or so into the walk on the Sabrina footbridge)
"Even the old railway bridge is attractive as it crosses the river"

"I live in a really nice part of the world...."

"A river full of swans"
(the Worcester Swan sanctuary is home to many old swans who have lost their partners, and quite a few juveniles at this time of the year too)

Then I retraced my steps at speed to give myself some 'proper exercise'.
I'm still feeling a bit weepy but some fresh air definitely helped.
This afternoon I've got the distraction of several pupils, then I'm off to a Christmas concert at a local school this evening.  Tomorrow I'm going to do some serious tidying up in 'the back bedroom of shame'.  Then I'll be able to start organising Christmas gifts and maybe we'll both start to feel a bit more festive....


  1. It's a very sentimental time of year when we think of those who have been important in our lives. You live in a lovely area. Chin up the feelings will pass. Sending hugs.

  2. Those swans are a beautiful sight. It's good you managed to distract yourself for a little while at least.
    You do live in a nice part of the world. X

  3. Those photos are lovely & show that your area is indeed full of beauty. I've a few things I'll share with you, but they will come via email. Take care & huggles.

  4. I went to a workshop event on Wednesday to do with loss on behalf of a close family member who didn't feel able to go. I could do some knitting and 'just be'. It helped having something easy to do with my hands and that was calming. When you feel sad it's not easy. The walk by the river and that open green space looks like a peaceful place. Thinking of you Jan.

  5. It looks like a lovely place to walk. I think getting out in the fresh air is a good pick me up.

  6. Hi Jan. Thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog. I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved Thomas. I've visited your area a couple of times. It's such a lovely part of England. My daughter lived in Rubery and in Bath a few years ago. Have a wonderful day. I'll be back to say hello again. Pat