Thursday, 12 January 2017

My Lovely Husband..

32 Years ago this evening we went on our first date.
You are the kindest husband.
You've shown your love in big ways..
- when you drove all the way to Geneva to rescue me when I was stranded by the Ash Cloud.
- as you've designed a sports car around my 'mood board' as a 50th Birthday present.
- when you drove all over the UK to find the 'perfect baby harp' for my new retired life.
But you also show your love in little ways..
- happily searching for fabric bargains in the discount corner of my favourite shops.
- fixing the pedal as quickly as possible on my vintage sewing machine.
- sharing your Salt and Vinegar Crisps.
It's not easy being married into a family with HD.
You take on the 50/50 chance of a compromised retirement and a major care role.
You're currently dealing with the challenges of my Mum.
I think you're amazing and I love you!


  1. Oh Jan that's wonderful. It's so beautiful that you appreciate each other. Long may it continue. Tx

  2. It's sweet to remember all the anniversaries. I always remember December 5th, the day we met.

  3. How wonderful to remember when you had your first date and what a lovely way to show your love and appreciation of your very special person:)

  4. What a beautiful post, your husband sounds wonderful, just as I'm sure you're a wonderful wife xx

  5. What a lovely post. I always remember the date of our first date as it was on my dad's birthday. I thought you'd started a new blog, I've been watching for a second post going up and when it didn't I wondered if you'd started posting again over here, and you had.

    1. Yes - I got myself in a complete muddle! It seemed to make more sense to rework this site in the end. Jx

  6. What a wonderful testimony to him!! Wow, he rescued you from the ash cloud! I remember my colleague was stuck in Turkey for that week and I had to take her Year 6 class for an entire week until she could get home!

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