Thursday, 19 January 2017

In Celebration of the Unexpected..

Since I last posted I've gained another harp pupil!  She rang last week and said that she'd love to pop round for 'A Harp Experience'.  She's a retired lady with lots of musical experience so we planned a session for yesterday afternoon.  I'd planned it as a 'one off' very much in the style of 'A hot air balloon experience' or something like that.  I prepped both harps and had them set up for her, side by side, so that she could chose.  I also put the kettle on so that she could enjoy a cuppa while we played.

Well.. she liked it all so much that she wants to come on a weekly basis for 30 minute 'proper lessons'.  It's perfect because she wants an early afternoon slot on Wednesdays - which is a time when I'm generally at home and it's some distance from the slots that I normally offer my younger pupils.

Then, yesterday morning, I received a text from one of my other 'Music Mums' asking is she could pass my details onto another family.  Fingers crossed that I receive another phone call in the next couple of days...!

Then, last night, we were offered free tickets for an Autosport show in London.  Sadly we can't make it because there's a clash with a trip to Pembrokeshire.. but it's so lovely when people think of you and ask.

AND.. while we were at the appointment with the specialist about the lift on Tuesday.. Mum tried out some wheeled walkers.  These aren't really recommended long term for people with HD and Mum didn't get on with one that she tried at Worcester Hospital. However they had masses of different designs at the show room in Malvern and she found one that suits her needs perfectly for the moment. Even better.. they had one in stock so she could take it home immediately. 

It's given her back some confidence and she's having a go at walking across the lounge and dining room.  Her personal goal for the Spring is to get her legs moving again so that she can walk with the frame to the end of her close.

In case you haven't guessed.... I'm immensely proud of my Mum.


  1. Good for your mom. Any increase in her mobility has to be positive to her spirits. I'll cross my fingers that the new student comes.

  2. I suspect she is just as proud of you. Good luck with the walker mum😁 and great news about new pupils.

  3. It's great that your mum is able to be a bit more mobile again with the aid of her walker, anything to give her a little more confidence and independence has got to be worth a go. I like the idea of a harp experience, it sounds like your little business is doing very well for you.

  4. Good on your Mum! So glad she found one that would work for her and it was available! ANNNNNNND,the harp pupil is brilliant!!! So lucky you have two harps as well!!!

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