Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dressed for the Motoring Club Lunch...

 I still HATE having my picture taken..
but I've braved the camera lenses today to show that I kept working towards my 'look' through 2016.  Mark bought me this dress from Apricot as a Christmas present.
It looks lovely with a black cardigan or the black jacket that survived the post-work wardrobe cull.
I added black leggings and some seriously ancient black fabric boots.
Then I accessorised with a vintage enamel necklace..
.. and a mixture of vintage and modern black and cream bracelets.

Those of you with sharp eyes will notice that my harp seems to have shrunk -
but the one behind me in the lounge was a present from my whole family for my 50th Birthday. I still have my large pedal harp.  In this photo I'm playing music for a Christmas coffee morning in the local church hall...

It's really interesting to have the chance to work with two instruments that are so completely different.  I have a strong emotional attachment to my big harp.  It was completely overhauled and restrung with light gauge gut strings two years ago.  This gives it a big, even tone and lots of 'playing predictability'.  The new harp is strung with a lighter gauge hybrid string, which is bright and sunny but less predictable.  Last weekend I performed some solo work on the little harp for the first time.  It's hard to explain, but when I'm playing the new harp I feel like my finger-tips are linked to my soul..  Fellow musicians out there will know what I'm on about!!
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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Your "look" is lovely, Jan, fab jewellery - and look how many posts you've written already this year! It's so nice to have you back. x

  2. Another one here who thinks your 'look' is lovely. The dress is great and looks fabulous with those boots. Gorgeous accessories too.
    I am envious of your musical ability. It must be wonderful to be able to play an instrument. X

  3. You look so lovely, I really love your taste in jewellery. Loving the comment about your fingertips being linked to your soul, how amazing and moving xx

  4. Cute dress. I too hate being in front of the camera, but it does put a face with the stories. We'll be looking at getting our daughter a full size violin. She is so petite, but she has been trying out full and likes her sound so much more. I hope we get a good trade in on up sizing.

  5. You outfit is lovely, I love the boots and the necklace and the dress is pretty too. I understand about not liking to have your photo taken I'm the same:)

  6. Your dress is lovely and you put the outfit and accessories together so well. How lovely of your family to club together to buy you a new harp, that must be very special to you indeed.

  7. Yep, got to agree with the other commenters, you've pretty much nailed that look! You also have some great jewellery, so pretty and quite substantial without being too blingy, very tasteful. What an amazing 50th birthday present too! xxx

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