Saturday, 7 January 2017

Back to Normal..

Now you see it...
(sorry about the blurry photo) you don't!
I love decorating the house for Christmas,
but there's something rather satisfying about the TIDINESS
of the lounge without the Christmas tree.

But what's this large box doing in the hall...?
I'm not in the mood for anymore clutter....
Mark's bought an exercise bike.  It's gone into the little bedroom above the front door - which we jokingly call "the boys' room".  It's where Mark has his Playstation, car books and DVDs.  It's also where Thomas the cat quite like to sleep - if he can't get into his favourite spot by my pillow!
We decided to buy the bike because Mark's job has become increasingly 'desk-bound' and he's struggling to schedule regular activity into his days.  The idea is that he can go for a gentle 'ride' while I'm doing my early evening teaching sessions.  So far he's done about 20 miles of cycling while still playing his favourite PS3 games... sounds like a good multi-task!!
I've actually got on it too... when no-one was looking.  I found the 'going downhill with the wind behind you' setting, which completely suits my level of cycling skills at the moment.  3km on the bike, followed by a little Tai Chi seems like a nice way to start the day in these dark winter mornings.
Starting Small..!


  1. I like the idea of having an exercise bike, but I know it would end up more clutter, just like the bow flex became once DS moved out. For now, my exercise ball, hand weights, and my new walking shoes are all the fitness equipment I will own. Well done, though using it and getting some Tai Chi to start your day.

  2. Starting small but the important bit is starting - well done. x

  3. Welcome back to blogging! I bought an exercise bike next year (my trousers are getting snug!) with a grand plan to do some of my reading on the bike! I bought it in March, did a few miles whilst reading which worked well, then suffered an illness which affected my joints for a good six months and haven't been on it since. I need to get back to it this year.

    Hope you've been well :)

  4. I would love to try tai chi, it seems so gentle. Can't find a local class though :(

  5. Hello You! and welcome back. Cycling and Tai Chi how lovely. Sometimes when the decorations are packed away everything seems a little dull. I do love fairy lights.

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