Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nice Stuff... for Free

.1. Walks with my camera and dramatic distant views.
.2. Sunny mornings in the conservatory (with a book from 'Books for Free' in Droitwich.)
.3. Kind teenagers, who still hold doors open and genuinely care.
.4. A couple of hours chatting quietly with a very ill friend.
.5. Designing the first of a few personalised leaving presents for the colleagues who really matter.
.6. Some fabulous quality and condition 1960s fabric from my Great-Aunt's stash
(in a bag of fabric from my Mum last weekend)
.7. Kind words from Parents at the recent concerts.
.8. Cuddles from Husband... and Cat
.9. The prospect of a Bank Holiday weekend...!
To be honest, I'm a bit tired and fed up at the moment.
Mark is being an absolute rock...
I do love him!!!!!


  1. One more day and then a long weekend, a few weeks to half term and then you will be rushing towards the end of term - very exciting

  2. We love rocks!!!! I think you may miss those teenagers come September - I worked with them for 13 years, from before my own had got there, and I do miss being around them. I used to say that it kept me young. Thank goodness for bank holiday weekends. x

  3. Lovely words Jan and keep your chin up. Hubbies just don't seem to stress and take care of us more than give them credit for. I must get your email address at some stage. Take care.

  4. Oh thank God for bank holiday weekends!!!! We also have a polling day off the next week! Nice stuff for free is a great way of describing it!
    My husband is fed up too- SO much music stuff going on. He's been out till 9 at school events every week for three weeks, twice a week, stupid auditions for a musical and he stayed up all night marking the GCSE coursework and has to do another all nighter tonight- am sure he feels your pain!x

  5. Oh my Jan. I am sorry for the things that have you fed up, but hang on a while longer. I know I appreciate my DD's music teachers immensely, so know that even the ones that aren't saying their appreciation probably feel it immensely. I need to be mindful of this overload the third week of May when she has two concerts, but her directors have 5 and 6 different groups of students to prepare.

  6. I like the photo of the track through the field of rhubarb(?) leading to the distant fields and hills, the list of good things going on in your life right now. Thinking of your friend and your tiredness and hoping that the long holiday weekend brings some rest and refreshment for you and Mark.

  7. Well Done Mark for being a wonderful husband its so comforting when you know there is someone to pick you up when you are down. Enjoy your extended weekend. It's not long before you put your escape plans into practice.

  8. Sorry to read that you are tired and fed up, and hope the feeling has now passed. The best things in life are often free. Right now I'm listening to the sound of a lawn mower. At last I can say Spring is finally here. Enjoy the long weekend, I hope the sun is shining for you..xx

  9. How lovely to be reminded of that old adage: "The best things in life are free". Only a couple of weeks till half-term! Judy.