Monday, 20 April 2015

Still Here...

...but things are a bit frantic!
My Mum has Shingles.. My Dad also has such a severe chest infection that they have given him 15 days of medication BEFORE they are prepared to x-ray his chest.. They are staying away from Mark because my dearly beloved has never had Chicken Pox.  I'm doing everything I can to help - while still keeping my distance from Mum's spots.
In the meanwhile Mark has also gone 'shed construction' crazy and it's largely my fault.  He put up the new one quickly and easily last weekend.  I then suggested (in the great spirit of living frugally) that he should up-cycle and reconfigure the good wood from the old shed in a 'lean to' one the north side of the house.  This was a fairly narrow alleyway only used by the neighbourhood cats. Now it's a 16 feet long shed for Mark's scaffolding and the enormous stash of car parts that he seems to have collected (big stuff like full sets of wheels, gear boxes and engines!)  He's really happy.... but I've got a bit fed up with all the banging and crashing!!!
School has settled down into the usual routines.
I've got a concert tomorrow night and one next week as well.
Year 7 reports and attainment grades for all year groups are due by the 29th.
I'm also scaling the usual small mountain of marking.
Today I took my baby harp into school so that I could share 'Professional Practice Strategies' with my Year 10 pupils.  It's the first time that I've ever taught this part of the curriculum in this way.  The pupils assured me that it worked well - because they could look at the strategies objectively when they were observing an instrument that they'd never seen up close before.  I'm glad they found it helpful...
I've also spent some time with a Head of Music Department colleague from another South Birmingham school.  He is currently struggling a little with the Verification process for the Level 2 Btec.  He 'borrowed' a load of my teaching resources earlier in the year... and I was delighted to hear that they had resulted in some really good grades for his pupils.  As a result I have decided to approach Pearson, who publish all the teaching resources for Btec, and see if they are interested in my work (a little bit of extra income for next year!)
Last week (on Tuesday) we also celebrated my older niece's 18th Birthday.
Next weekend we are going to a 'Ball' in the new function room at the Worcester Cricket Club.
I just hope that I can stay awake!!!!!!!!


  1. Shingles is not nice I had it on my head about 3 years ago an occasional it still flares up, very very painful. I hope your parents get well soon :-)

  2. Oh I hope the resources thing works out- that would be great! So nice of you to share as well!
    Ahckckc, shingles, eeks!Hope Mark avoids well.
    Boo hiss to the mountain!x

  3. Have you been immunized against Shingles? Here, (Canada) after age 50 it is recommended that you get the injection whether you've had the chicken pox or not. My mum had the worst case of shingles her doctor had ever seen I would never want to go through that.My husband and I got the injection as soon as we could. It doesn't prevent it but if we got it, it would be a very mild case. Better to be a little proactive. I hope your mum doesn't suffer too long.

  4. Poor mom-I'm sure you're giving great care but that is a challenge. Good luck with Pearson. They are big in US education as well.

  5. Oh your poor parents :( Shingles is just awful, my Sister had them? / it? last year and the condition is so painful. The annoying thing was she had asked her GP for the vaccine but you have to be 70 and she is 75! What is that all about? I hope your Dad gets better soon too. Good luck with the Btec thingy x

  6. It sounds like it is all go till the end of August. Do hope your Mum and Dad are soon better. As our parents age it can be very hard on us, as we try and help them. (I know well). Mark sounds a bit like my hubby with car "stuff". Take care of yourself and hubby as well.

  7. Busy Busy Busy still August will soon be here now and then you will have time to relax for a while.

  8. Wow! It sounds like it's all go there. I'm sorry to hear about your mum and dad, it's really hard when they're both ill at the same time. I've never had chicken pox either so I was rather worried when Daniel and Eleanor got it when they were young but I still haven't had it. I'm surprised that they're not sending your dad for a chest x ray, especially as the chest infection is severe, I do hope the medication works. What is it with men and their sheds? At least Mark will have somewhere to store all his car bits and pieces.

  9. Hang on in there, Jan, only three months to go, don't go falling apart just yet. You are coping really well with an awful lot. Stay awake long enough to dance your socks off at the ball. Hope your parents are on the mend soon. x

  10. Oh no! My mum had shingles a couple of years ago. Good news that school has settled down though and the Publishing opportunity could be good.

  11. You're a harpist! I've been trying to learn the harp for about 5 years now but haven't done so well. I must scout through your old posts for any harp-related news. Love Judy.

  12. Oh No! I have not had my Shingles vaccine shot as yet, because, it costs $200.00 here! I think it should be covered by our Sr. insurance (Medicare) like the flu and pneumonia shots are. Shingles is so very painful. Your poor Mother. and Dad sick also. I suppose they are trying to take care of each other.