Monday, 13 April 2015

Back to the Grind....

Today was the beginning of my last term in teaching.....
(and - I'm afraid to say - I was in a filthy mood!)
The problem was very simple...
I'd had far too much fun on my holiday and was sulking -
not very mature!!!
Here are some more collages from my holiday scrapbook...
starting with Glastonbury Abbey, which I visited with my parents last week.
More images of Glastonbury, the Town and Tor.
(You can see my travelling companions at the top of this collage..
the local bear at the bottom of the page shared the rest of the town's 'hippy vibe')

Mum, Dad and I also went to Wells (left hand side of the this collage)
The cathedral is amazing and deserves a post all of it's own.
I also had a lovely morning on Saturday wandering round Croome Park with
my friends (and former teaching colleagues from Redditch in the 1990s).
Lastly there's a photo of Mark and youngest niece in the process of building
the new shed...
I wasn't mentally prepared for a 5-45 alarm call this morning.....
or any of the other 'silly school stuff' that plagued me today.
I've also been 'knocked out of kilter' by the fact that one of my friends
has been diagnosed with a serious heart condition.  He will have major
surgery in the next few weeks.  I know that heart surgery is fairly 'routine'
nowadays... but I will still be happier when we have reached the other side
of this particular episode.
12 weeks and 4 days....


  1. I had so many off kilter days leadinh up to the official count down before I left. I'm sure you are giving your all but knowing the door out is opened a crack-big enough to see whats on the other side but not enough to get through is draining. You have it harder in that they know you'll be heading out and want to benefit from your wisdom and labor as much as possible. I only had three weeks of "last demands.". Great pictures again.

  2. FIVE BLOOMIN FORTY FIVE???????? NOOOOOOOO!!! that is inhumane!!! I can understand the sulk, CBC was feeling that this morning as I stayed in bed with another week to go. Now I'm in Sussex and he is not happy!!!!x

  3. Love your holiday collages and well wishes to your friend. I'm beginning to think this getting older thing is just a little scary. Take care.

  4. Hi Jan, I love your collages - I have never been to Glastonbury and am desperate to do so for family history purposes, even more so now. Keep hanging on in there, it's going to be a tough term bur forewarned is forearmed. Thinking of you x

  5. Not long to go now, just one term. It looks as though you've had a lovely time over the Easter break, just think, you won't be tied to school holidays any longer. Sending my best wishes for your friend, I hope everything goes ok.

  6. Easter Break may have given you a hint of how much fun retirement will be? Not too long now--you can do it!

  7. Lovely collages of your visits to Glastonbury, Wells and Croome Park over Easter. You also had time to enjoy your garden and build a shed - that's great! Thinking of you as you start this LAST term! Not long all the best.

  8. And did you spend most of Sunday night not sleeping / worrying about all the stuff you had to do for Monday? I was wondering why I couldn't sleep on Sunday night and when I went into school on Monday a number of my colleagues said the same thing!. Lucky you though - only one term left. All the best, Judy..

  9. You can do it. the end is in sight. Looks like you had a fabulous Easter holiday.

  10. Lovely photos, I was at Croome the day before you! Being on a countdown to leaving work is so exciting, the time will fly! Best wishes to your friend too, as you say that type of surgery is so routine these days, but when it's more personal it is a worry.

  11. The return to work is always hard. We're back in tomorrow after a lovely time off. I can feel my teeth clenching already.