Sunday, 26 April 2015

A little bit of vintage style..

This weekend ...'Cinders' went to a Ball!!
Ladies... here is my 'frugal' vintage outfit for the evening...
The dress was Roman Originals clearance 18 months ago - I paid £15 for it.
The jacket was Alexon clearance 10 years ago
In this rather severe-looking 'selfie' you can see my jewellery a bit more clearly.
My earrings are 1950s vintage from a little stall in Stratford upon Avon
(a couple of pounds because no-one else buys screw or clip earrings nowadays....).
My necklace is also 1950s from a market stall in London in 2003
(in the days before vintage was stylish and this sort of thing was seriously cheap).

This bracelet is one of my prized vintage possessions...
It's an American Coro design from the 1960s.  I bought it on e-bay for a couple of pounds.
The bag is from the 1940s.  I found it in a vintage clothes shop in Welshpool last August.
Mark bought it for me as Christmas present and I often take it out in the evenings.
(It looks amazing with one of those £10 Primark dresses, heavier vintage jewellery, a little black jacket, black leggings and boots)
We went to a 'Summer Ball' in the function suite at Worcester Cricket Ground.
There were about 150 people there so the event raised £1900.00 for the local cancer hospice.
It was great fun catching up with people that we haven't seen for a while.. and getting to know a few new people too.
I've got to admit that I was shattered this morning though...
I'm not great at late nights really...!


  1. You might not be great at late nights but you are fantastic at pairing up the vintage stuff. That looks terrific!

  2. Clever girl! Beautiful outfit and nobody would guess that you did it on a tight budget. Hope your parents are doing well. x

  3. Love the outfit and vintage jewellery. You obviously have an eye for detail. Great boost for the hospice.

  4. Silly me meant to say you look great too!!!!

  5. Love the earings. The black bag is darling.

  6. Very stylish vintage. You look lovely in the outfit. Glad you had a good time and the hospice received much-needed funds.

  7. Oh wow Jan, you look a million dollars in that outfit! I love Roman Originals, great bargain hunting! xx

  8. What a beautiful outfit, it may have been frugal but you look a million dollars.

  9. You look very glamorous in your frugal outfit, I love the colour of your jacket:)

  10. You look lovely - and so stylish too. I love the pairing of the green jacket against the black. Judy.

  11. You look very elegant and glamorous - great sum raised for charity too!

  12. Tres Chic!
    Takes me days to get over a late night! hope you are re-covered.
    very smart buys and a lovely amount for the charity

  13. Wow, how lovely you looked. Hubby and I never go anywhere like that, but having been married to a shift worker for 40 years, we didn't really have a social life and I'm sure that I'd be shattered after a night out too, though at least you are slightly younger than us. Take care.

  14. Hi jan

    Your outfit looked super stylish and very in keeping with the event. Hope you have sufficiently recovered now.

  15. Love your frugal vintage outfit. You certainly looked like the belle of the ball. Glad you had a great evening. P x

  16. No wonder the 1950's is my favorite decade. It was so elegant! You looked very chic.

  17. Super outfit. So nice to know you won't bump into anyone wearing the same 'high street' fashion. I can't do late nights anymore either, it takes me days to get over them. xx

  18. Super outfit. So nice to know you won't bump into anyone wearing the same 'high street' fashion. I can't do late nights anymore either, it takes me days to get over them. xx