Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A little 'foodie' secret...

When I was a little girl in the early 70s I loved Angel Delight.
My favourite flavour was Lemon and Lime - which we seemed to be able to buy in the shops near my Grandma's in Manchester, but was completely un-obtainable in the Oxford area.
We used to bring packets home after family visits (along with Vimto cordial and the odd bottle of Dandelion and Burdock...)
In the 80s I was quite fond of 'Tangerine Orange Yogurt' flavour.
Does anyone else remember that one?
However my long term loyalties have always belonged to Butterscotch flavour..
Then one day, for no real reason, I stopped buying it and I haven't bought a packet of Angel Delight in over 20 years.  On Monday evening I stopped off in Aldi on the way home and bought one (along with cat food and other bits and bobs).  It's sat in the cupboard waiting for me to find the right moment for a foodie trip down memory lane....
Have you ever 'broken' a big foodie memory by buying the modern version?
PS - Mum is starting to feel much better.  Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post.  Dad's tablets are also starting to take effect... so hopefully they are both over the worst.


  1. The butterscotch Angel Delight was always a favourite - haven't had that in over 30 years. Tried Dandelion & Burdock a while ago after the same amount of time - we used to have it delivered by the Corona man:)

  2. Glad your parents are on the up. My mother made us chocolate Angel Delight twice a week - because milk puddings are good for us - and it put me right off, I'm afraid. I preferred Instant Whip! x

  3. What a lovely post; I can imagine you making your Angel Delight on a warm spring evening after a day at school and taking it out into the garden with a chilled Vimto to sip and licking both sides of the spoon clean between each mouthful. Go, enjoy. You deserve it.

  4. Glad you parents are a bit better.
    Urgh, those flavours sound VILE!!! I only ever liked the chocolate or butterscotch flavours, but I can't stand milk and fruit mixed (so no ice-cream, milkshakes etc) so that's just personal. I bought that magic shell chocolate sauce which forms the hard chocolate over ice-cream a while back and it tasted a bit cheap!!x

  5. the modern versions of food very rarely lives up to expectations. Like you I bought the chocolate flavour Angel Delight and it was lovely even made with skimmed milk! I'm glad your mother is on the mend and things are a little less frantic.

  6. Angel Delight was popular in our house mainly because the children could make it up themselves - chocolate and butterscotch were the favourite flavours. Lemon and lime is different and sounds quite nice. Glad that your parents are a getting better. Hope you have enough energy to enjoy the ball at the weekend.

  7. Childhood foods are a delight. I now have a craving for a creamsicle. I think Angel Delight is like instant pudding in the US perhaps?

  8. Angel Delight. Loved it as a child as did my own children. They liked chocolate, banana & strawberry but my favourite was definitely butterscotch. I may just have to get some next time I go to the supermarket.

  9. I hated Angel Delight but I remember my mum making it for the rest of the family as well as Birds Trifle, do you remember that? I didn't like that either. Glad your mum and dad are on the mend, hope they're both fighting fit again soon.

  10. Yes I remember tangerine orange yogurt. And hazelnut flavour which (I think) I would still like. I have tried angel delight as an adult, it didn't live up to the childhood memories. However my kids love it.