Thursday, 18 January 2018

"You Can't Get the Quality of Servants..."

Hello... it's Ella again.
Did you realise that I've been in my new home for almost four weeks?  I'm definitely finding my paws now.  Female servant and I chat away all the time.  I'm starting to understand more human words.  I came to Jan's house only understanding 'Cat, fish, food and Dreamie'.  Now I also know that 'Ella',' biscuit and 'come on' generally mean something good is going to happen.  I'm pretending that I've never heard 'No' in my life!  Jan has also started to recognise my meows.... particularly the little one that I do in my throat just before I do something cheeky!!
Here I am helping female servant tidy the 'back bedroom of doom'.  You can see from my expression that I was appalled by the chaos in this room.  No wonder she keeps the door closed....
I love playing in cupboards.  Here I am in the bottom of the wardrobe in the back bedroom.  I found a sparkly dress behind this long blue coat and couldn't resist patting it in the darkness...

On Tuesday - while I took a morning nap in the sun on the servants bed - Jan went to Tewksbury Abbey.  'Purrsonally' I can't see why any sane person would want to visit an ancient building like that in freezing temperatures, but even I can see that some of the photos came out quite well.

She met up with long term friends (also ex-teachers) and had a really good natter about everything.  There's also been quite a few people pop round for coffee this week.  I still get quite anxious when I see new faces.  I worry that they might be trying to take me away from my new home and I start to do 'alarmed cat' stuff (like going under furniture or getting a claw stuck in the curtains when I'm trying to create a hiding place).  However I'm completely happy with all Jan's pupils... and I LOVE one set of parents who spend the whole lesson playing with me and feeing me Dreamies!
Jan says that she thinks I'm doing very well.  On the whole I think she's doing ok too!


  1. Glad you're liking your new home Elle. You've found a good owner/servant there. Great photo beautiful architecture.

  2. Hello dear Ella. It's so good to hear from you and know you are settling into your forever home quite well. It took my Lilly a couple of weeks to feel at home, too. Lilly has been the boss of my home for over ten years now. And, she has the servants doing everything she wants. You are such an adorable, beautiful kitty and I look forward to hearing from you again soon. And, the photos of the abbey are amazingly beautiful. Pat xx

  3. Ella, you're better at this blog thing than I am & also very cute. Life seems to be shaping up well for the family. Lovely photos of Tewksbury Abbey & something I'd definitely like to see. Have a good weekend, stay warm & take care.

  4. What a purrfect post :)

    An Ella update and a fan vaulted ceiling on the same page, I shall go to bed happy, thank you. X x

  5. Hello Ella, it sounds as if Jan's training is coming on very well! I am glad that she is learning the ropes and that you are happy in your new palace. Please tell Jan that I like her pics of Tewksbury Abbey, a place I have wanted to visit for a long time. x

  6. Dear Ella, you have your servants very well trained and your new home very well organised so you can just cat nap in cosy places and dream of Dreamies. Your servant has taken some wonderful photos of Tewksbury Abbey to share with us, such a wonderful building:)

  7. It definitely sounds like Ella's got her paws under the table and settled in well, she's such a cutie. Tewksbury Abbey looks beautiful, the purrfect place for a day out.

  8. Good to hear Ella is settling in well.

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