Sunday, 14 January 2018

Everything's fine, I think......

What a week....
In the diary for Monday - walk on Malvern Hills with friend K.
At 8.15, just as I was about to leave for my friends house, Mum rang in a total panic.  Dad had collapsed and she couldn't get him up again.  We called for an ambulance and they checked him out.  His heart is fine.... it was just a combination of fatigue, a virus and dehydration.  A lot of water, sleep and some antibiotics have worked their magic over the rest of the week.
Unfortunately he knocked Mum quite badly on the way down so she was bruised (not great for an elderly HD sufferer).
I spent the day round at their house, generally looking after things and getting Dad to his own Docs later in the afternoon.
In the diary for Tuesday - coffee and catch up with fellow 'escapee Music Teacher' S.
Fortunately she texted to say that she had one of the bugs that's going round.  I used the day to sort out a few more things for Mum and Dad.  I also did my own food shop for the week while I was in Droitwich.  I found that I was a bit 'wiped out and emotional' after the unexpected stress of the previous day.
In the evening we went to the Marcos Motoring Club monthly meal at a pub near Pershore.  I wasn't really in the mood to be sociable... and a couple of people in the club really pushed my buttons during the meal.  I know I was just over-tired so I'm not going to hold it against them!
In the diary for Wednesday Evening - Saltway Quilters Meeting with friend and next door neighbour J.
My first ever visit to a Quilters Meeting.  The group are really friendly and welcoming.  We'll  definitely go again.
In the diary for Thursday - coffee and catch up lovely ex-colleague C.
C. texted me while I was at the Quilters meeting to say that she was swamped by work/planning and marking and would prefer to re-schedule our catch up to next week.  I made the most of the unexpected free time to do several loads of washing .... and several happy hours of quilting!!!
In the diary for Saturday Evening - '90 Years of Romance' meal out with Mum and Dad
This weekend is the 67th anniversary of Mum and Dad's first date AND the 33rd anniversary of mine and Mark's first date, making 90 years of romance in total!  Sadly we took the decision on Friday to postpone this meal because Mum and Dad aren't really well enough at the moment for a big meal in the evening.  We hope that we'll have a meal out together in a couple of weeks time.
In the meanwhile I made a curry from scratch for the two of us and we enjoyed a nice bottle of wine.
I hope that this week is going to be a little bit more like the schedule I can see in the diary......
No surprises please!!!!!


  1. Sometimes I don't mind when plans get scrapped, but I'm sorry so many of your plans for outings with people of your choice had to be postponed. I love the 90 years of romance meal-beautiful.

  2. Glad you dad is on the mend and your mother is recovering from the episode. It's good that you have things planned in you diary and that you're keeping yourself busy. I intend joining a few more things this year.

  3. Do hope your Mum & Dad are feeling a lot better. Maybe a midday meal would suit them better? I'm sure there are lots of wonderful eating establishments around in UK for lunches. Sometimes weeks of planning just don't come off do they, but at least you've an active quilting group by the sound of it, so that's a blessing. My quilting friends all live in far off places, but we do have our car club. How is the kitty? Take care & huggles.

  4. It's nice that you are near your dear parents to be there in times like this. I hope that they are doing better. Hopefully, this coming week will be a bit more calm. Take care, Pat

  5. I find my plans are often scuppered these days, it's just what happens when you're looking after elderly parents. I was at the hospital four times last week, once till 1.30 in the morning! It's a good job that neither you nor I work, isn't it? I'm glad that I'm around to help them out when needed. Fingers crossed that this week runs more to plan for us both.

  6. What a worry for you. It always seems that when one plan changes other plans get changed too. Hope your Mum and Dad are back to normal soon and able to go our and enjoy a meal with you:)

  7. Oh my! Your dad's fall must have given you such a fright. I hope both mum and dad are OK now. X

  8. That sounds like a full-on week, hope everyone is OK.

    Can we have an Ella update please, when you get time 😊

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