Saturday, 4 February 2017

At Last...

...Some blue skies at the weekend!
Mark and I had flexible plans for this morning.  If it continued to be wet, cold and windy we were going to do some serious tidying up in the cupboard under the stairs.  If it was dry (and preferably a bit sunny) we would go for a walk along the lanes and canal tow path to the north of our village.
So here are some 'snaps' taken on my camera this morning..
The Droitwich canal at Porters Mill.
Winter sunlight through a gap in the trees.
..And a glorious winter blue from the tow path

Mark has had major work stress recently - and I've been worried about several situations - so it was really nice to get outside and remind ourselves of the good stuff.
Thank you for leaving lovely comments on my last post.  Thomas is increasingly settled and content.  The pain relief has allowed his jarred back to settle and his front paws are fine.  He's worked out that it's me rather than Mark who is adding stuff to his food to make him feel better.  As a result he was a bit anxious when I went out last night with Mum and Dad.... Aw bless him!  We've got a review with the vet next Wednesday, then hopefully we can just carry on for a bit.
Other stuff that's 'on my radar' at the moment..
- Dad's asthma is very bad.  We spent a lot of last week clearing rooms and moving stuff at their house.  The builder is coming in next Wednesday to clear a space for the lift in the utility room.  We did all the sorting and moving upstairs... including clearing the entire little bedroom/study to make space for the lift's upstairs position.  I moved all the dusty books etc. but the whole job has made him feel very unwell (and he's VERY stubborn about this!!)
- This week I have to clear the lounge, dining room, hall, stairs, cloakroom and hall cupboard for the new carpets to be fitted.  Expect plenty of photos of this project!  (I'm also project managing new doors and a new conservatory... exciting but slightly scary.)
- I'm also bothered about my sister's health again.... but that's something for another post really.
So - if all else fails - eat another cupcake!!
This absolute 'gem' of a construction was my treat to myself on Thursday.
It was called a 'Chocoholics Delight' and they weren't kidding..
..chocolate cake, scooped out for a genache filling; white chocolate butter cream, two beautiful soft centre chocolates, chocolate sauce and a dusting of cocoa powder


  1. I'm so pleased you managed to get out and about this morning. It really does help in some way to make you feel a bit brighter doesn't it? Especially when you have so much going on.
    That cupcake looks amazing! My mouth is watering just looking at it. X

  2. It is good to get out and about as it helps to escape for a while from all the things that are concerning you and it sounds as if you have quite a few of those at the moment. Glad to hear that Thomas is responding to his treatment. Thank you for asking about Max, he seems a little brighter at the moment, he enjoyed sitting in the sun yesterday and is eating small amounts, I'm keeping my fingers crossed:)

  3. Glad you managed to get out, it was nice here too yesterday so we visited a nearby park. I do hope that Thomas continues to improve, they're such a worry when they're ill, especially as they get older. That cupcake looks delicious.

  4. OOh, that cake looks lovely. I hope your dad feels better soon, horrid having asthma!
    I'm glad you managed to get outdoors!
    P.S. I KNEW you'd understand about the xylophone and song issue! AHRGGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!

  5. Hi Jan, sorry I've not visited this blog since you've been back, but I thought you only had the Housewife 50 up & going these days & been to busy to make another post. Whoops, don't know enough about blogging yet.
    I've read from the beginning of the year & can't believe the amount you are doing with your parents, teaching & looking after hubby & cat. Hope you are taking time for yourself. I've put this blog on my sidebar & taken the other one off. I'll now be able to keep up with what you are doing. I really need your email address, as I'd like to ask you something I wouldn't do on here. Take care & huggles from Oz.

  6. Yum, chocoholics delight is just the thing for stress relief xx