Thursday, 9 February 2017

It's All Too Much..

I took this photo yesterday afternoon of my 'cat child' Thomas, nose down in his bed.
At first he was in a massive grump after I'd failed him as a 'cat parent' by
- taking him to the vets AGAIN.
- refusing his request for wet food at midday (which he never has anyway)
- playing the harp when he wanted to sleep.
Cruel mother!!!!
The amusing thing is that he went into a deep sleep in this position.
After all the worries and upsets he caused us last week, the last few days have been much better.  He's as stable as an elderly cat can be.  He's eating lots, drinking enough, moving more easily with the pain killers, and his heart/thyroid medication is keeping his weight up too.
I know that he feels better because he's started to communicate properly with me about everything again.  He's an incredibly verbal cat, so we call this combination of miaows, purrs and tail swishing 'staff training'!
Fingers crossed that we have him with us for a while longer yet...


  1. Awwww, bless him. Fingers crossed that he's with you for a long time yet.

  2. Bless him. It must be a relief that his symptoms have eased somewhat. X

  3. That's cute. We really love our pets, don't we and understand them. Our two I still miss & they've been gone for a long time now. Take care.

  4. Cats do let you know in lots of ways how they are feeling don't they? So glad that Thomas seems to be better with his medication. Max falls asleep on my lap and his head hangs over my knees, he also twitches a lot in his dreams:)

  5. Such a sweet guy. I'm glad he's back to his verbal cues.

  6. Aww, good old Thomas, so pleased he appears to be back to his normal self again.

  7. We have two cats. One remembers everything we have failed at and holds it against us, reminding us regularly how bad we are as 'staff' where as the other is as kind as you can get, forgives us our every transgression and reminds us regularly where the food/treats/cat toys are kept and could we please oblige her and feed/treat/play with her! Hope he keeps on getting better =^.^=

  8. I hope that you have many more happy times with him! Cats are total grumps that it is inevitable we mere humans will irritate them and fail to attain their high standards!

  9. Good news. I'm glad to read that he is doing better..x

  10. Good news. I'm glad to read that he is doing better..x