Wednesday, 27 January 2016


I set myself a target last summer.
When I play the harp, I want to sound like some-one who has hours and hours of practice in their fingers.  I want to sound, competent, precise and assured...
Over the last few weeks I've lost myself for hours in my music.
Typically, I'm practising for 2 - 3 hours per day.
Last Sunday, I performed my first solo of the year - music memorised and rehearsed to a point where every play through was consistent (as close as I can get at this stage to a 'professional' performance.) 
I'm loving the process of giving quality time to something that I'm really passionate about... but I'm conscious of the fact that there's not a lot to post about...!
I've kept up my clothes challenge and have completely avoided the jeans/hoodie combination.
My small private teaching practice is growing and I should have a little celebration when I finish teaching this afternoon (the first £1000 through the books).
I'm keeping fit by walking as far as possible every day.
I'm spending quality time with people who matter to me I suppose that I'm living my dream!
I confess that the whole process of blogging sometimes makes me feel rather guilty.
I'd love to be the perfect blogger - responding quickly to all your posts and posting regularly in return.  Unfortunately I don't have mobile access to the internet so all my posts are written on the computer in the study.  This seems to take ages so it falls down the list of priorities.  Then, when I realise that I haven't been near the 'blogosphere' for a while, I feel even guiltier.
In my previous life the comment would probably have been "Could do better!!"
How do you manage your blogging time?


  1. Don't feel guilty! Everyone blogs for different reasons. Sometimes I struggle to blog because I feel that I have absolutely nothing to say, but I do still enjoy reading other people's blogs regardless of how often they blog! Blogging is meant to be fun ( and I use mine as a diary) so just write when you feel like it, read when you feel like it and no need to feel guilty :)

  2. It sounds as though you're doing everything you dreamed of doing once you finished work. Blogging shouldn't make you feel guilty, it's supposed to be fun. I now have more commitments and other things eating in to my time so I've stopped writing one of my blogs this year which has given me a little extra time.

  3. Idem and idem Jan. You have just echoed here in your post just how I feel about not being able to blog on a regular basis so are not alone!! I struggle to blog because I have not got the time!!! Work is the enemy for me where blogging is concerned. As Jo has mentioned here blogging is supposed to be fun and I totally agree so I try to blog when I can and not feel guilty(difficult!!!) when I just can't !!!

    Love that pic of the harp!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  4. Blogging can be time consuming both catching up with your blogs and blogging yourself. As long as your doing what you want that's all that matters. Don't feel guilty. Perhaps you could record a small piecw for us to listen to un blogland. I would love to hear you. Tx

  5. I need to go to bed earlier. I stay up late reading and commenting when I should go to bed, don't feel guilty, you are healthy!! Yay for harp practice!!! Do you know the Renier Legends? I love that piece!!!

  6. Blogging should br a release for stress so no worrying. If I played anything I'd think that would be my priority. If you ever record, I'd love to hear it.

  7. Since starting my new job in September I just haven't worked out a proper blogging routine and I am finding it very frustrating. I do miss your posts but...WOW! I am so pleased that things are going well for you, life sounds good. x

  8. Actually, I'm a bit like you and feel guilty about sitting at a computer, but then I come from a time when as a child we didn't have a car or phone till I was nearly a teenager, so sometimes think I did without these things in the past and just made better use of my time, but it's lovely having friends afar and I try to make time for a post "about" once a week. I don't always have lots to tell, but then, it's like a diary for myself too.
    Don't worry about it and post when you feel the time is right. Enjoy your harp and take care.

  9. If I had a wonderful skill like yours I would be totally engrossed in my music especially with the opportunity to play in public and tutoring others. I miss tutoring some lovely Japanese children and adults in their homes in the last years before retirement. It was time to give that up. Using the computer regularly keeps my mind active even if I agonise over my writing and grammar these days! I might write a blog post a couple of times a week or less depending on my other commitments and times when I'm without the internet. Blogging should be a guilt-free interest. I enjoy the interaction with others. Enjoy your music, walking and other free time. We look forward to hearing from you when you feel like posting or commenting.

  10. I don't! I think it depends what you use blogging for; if it's a source of income, then you need to be consistent and regularly post, but if your blogging is social and to 'have a chat' then when you come to the virtual cafe is when you are free to come.... and that changes as circumstances change. I hope any of my bloggy mates know they'll hear from me when I can, rather than in a pattern. At this time, the hours of practising are what you need.