Friday, 8 January 2016

You Gave Me Confidence...!

Ladies - thank you for your comments!
I was going to wear a pair of trousers on Day Four,
but you encouraged me to maintain some 'leg confidence'.
I'm not quite this gorgeous lady....
but I kept my legs out....

Day Four - dressing for a day of practising and pottering, with a couple of hours of piano teaching in the late afternoon.  My favourite day so far - fabric boots with a heel, leggings, an empire-line tunic/dress, light cotton scarf and vintage Coro necklace.  This outfit felt great all day.  I like the way the empire line (especially in a patterned fabric) gives me a bust but skims over problems!
Day Five - dressing for coffee and a fabric hunt with my fellow 'craftaholic' and lovely neighbour, some housework and a late afternoon trip round to my parents house.  Flat boots today, leggings, a slightly longer dress, scarf, necklace and 'satchel style' brown leather handbag.  I used to wear this dress to school with a cropped brown jacket.  Without the jacket, it felt comfortable but slightly shapeless....
Can I asked your opinion about another thing that's bothering me?
I've worn a scarf pretty much every day of my life for the last 20 years - even draped round the outside of a hoodie!  They are a habit that's developed from the years when I was having major neck issues after a motor-racing accident (another story...!).  My neck is fairly ok nowadays so I don't need the extra warmth and support.  Having looked at these photos, I wonder if they spoil the neckline/shape of the dresses, rather than adding to it.
What do you think?
We've got a busy weekend ahead - a lot of travelling around (which would always have been jeans etc. territory), a 40th Birthday party and a meal with my F-in-L.  This is going to take a bit of serious 'clothes consideration'.... Eeek!
I hope that you all have a good weekend too.


  1. You look great. I actually love the look of scarves when I see other people wearing them, but it's not something I ever wear myself, except with a coat to keep warm.

  2. I'm totally jealous of how beautifully you wear scarves and I think they enhance rather than detract from your outfits. However, could you bear sometimes to go without because they are rather hiding your gorgeous necklaces

  3. Love the scarfs if they make you happy wear them,:-)

  4. I was just thinking how terrific the scarf looks! Perhaps though you don't want to cover up another great piece like the necklace. Give scarf free a try just to feel the difference it makes to an outfit-two looks for one.

  5. A scarf can really enhance an outfit. If you look at elegant French women, they often wear scarfs. Perhaps you could try a couple of outings without a scarf and see if anyone mentions/notices?
    I thought of you the other morning when I was applying a few drops of Extraordinary Oil to my frizzy hair - I find it helps a lot and a little goes a long way.
    I'm enjoying looking at your outfits :)

  6. I agree with Frugally Challenged - you have such lovely necklaces I fear they get a little lost with the scarves. I'd say scarf or statement necklace.
    Inspired by your look I went to the sales & bought a long tunic /shorter dress to try wearing with leggings & boots for working in companies. The kids I work with couldn't care less what I wear, so I'll stick with jeans for them, but for going to businesses I'm going to try to be a bit smarter.
    You might be interested in this site ( Although Peacebang concerns herself a lot with clothes for the clergy, she does say some interesting things about makeup/ pulling outfits togethyer etc.

  7. I love the look of your scarves, they are very elegant indeed.

  8. What Frugally Challenged said. As far as your inspiration picture, I think her legs are too thin. You have inspired me to buy a pair of leggings and give this dress thing a try.

  9. I love your scarf, I think it's added elegance to an already elegant look xx

  10. I wear scarfs more these days, mainly because there are so many pretty ones, it's an accessory which only you can decide to wear, but if they make you happy......

  11. Scarves are great! You wear them well too. Just try not wearing one some days to mix it up-wear s brooch instead! :-) I have stacks! Today I wore a bright Orla Kiely pattern scarf which I liked as an additional statement with a boring mustard polo neck! (The brooch I chose to wear with it was too boring too!!!

    Loving the outfits!x

  12. By the way, are you an.orchestral harpist by any chance??

  13. I'm loving your look, but don't have the confidence to do much these days about changing what I wear. I've quite a few nice scarves and only wear them like Jo, with a coat in winter. Love to hear your car racing story. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  14. You looked good in both outfits. As for the scarves, I think if you have worn them for that many years they are a distinct part of your signature look. You wear them well. If you are comfortable then continue to wear them.

  15. Love the scarves Jan. You carry the look off very well.