Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Holiday In Pictures...

Blogging seemed to take a back seat this Christmas... but here are copies of the three collages that have gone into this year's Scrapbook Diary for December 2014.  We had loads of lovely days out (The Cotswolds, Croome Park and Packwood House); we enjoyed the Christmas Tree display in the cloisters of Worcester Cathedral; my little white and tabby 'fluffy' cat was spoilt rotten, and we had loads of great times with my family and friends.
The Coffee Set in the top right-hand corner of the first collage was my 'Charity Shop Find' of 2014.  This design is rare and very desirable.  (I could have paid somewhere between £150 and £200 for it on-line, however I found it in a Sue Ryder Shop in Welshpool for £30 while we were on our August holiday).  In the second collage you can see my sister opening it on Christmas Day.  She already has a much loved Tea Set in the same design which she inherited from our Grandma in the 1980s.  She had no idea that I've been keeping a huge secret for the last five months!
The nail art in the second collage is my husbands handiwork..... After a misspent childhood painting model cars he has a remarkably steady hand and keen eye.  My younger niece patiently allowed him to paint chequered flags and monochrome Union Jacks all over her nails - as long as he then replaced his work with something rather more 'Goth'!
One more day of 'freedom' before I return to the chalk-face. .. I have very mixed feelings about work at the moment.  It's easy to think that it could be bearable for another couple of years when you've had two weeks off.  By Monday evening I'm sure that my thoughts will be more rational again!


  1. I love the collage- nice star musical decoration. WHAT a find with the coffee set! I was rather pleased as one of the presents I gave my sister in law was a striped pajama top from Joules on-line which I'd bought months ago in the sale and when she opened the packing, there were TWO of the top in there so she gave one back to me and it is my new favourite pajama top- soft and baggy!!!
    I am SO depressed about going back to school, got SOmuch work I haven't done yet and my husband (secondary) has even more to do- year 9 reports, Alevel and GCSE performance and composition marking (despite the fact he's spent time doing marking and things in the holidays) and I can tell he's scared but he works SO slowly! It is painful and worrying watching him work. x

  2. It looks like you've had a fabulous time and recharged the batteries ready for the next onslaught at school. What a great charity shop find, your sister must be over the moon with her gift.

  3. What a lovely collection of photos! It seems a bit late to comment now really, but this post didn't show up for me at the time - it's just appeared on my blogger dashboard along with a couple of others from December - about the harp and labrynthitis. I hate it when that happens!

  4. Wonderful photos of your days away from school. Such happy memories to keep and share. Like Louise this post and a couple of others popped onto my dashboard yesterday - blogger does some strange things doesn't it? Have a lovely weekend:)