Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Getting my brain round stuff....

After the trials and tribulations of last week, the weekend was a great time to get my thoughts in order again.  On Saturday afternoon I left Mark in his garage (happy husband!) and walked the three miles or so into the centre of Worcester.  During my walk I pondered the situation and dissected some of my stresses...

In the end I came up with these key thoughts -
.1. My work with my pupils is the most important aspect of my job until the end of the summer term.  To that end, all paperwork stress that is related to their progress and examination results is necessary, has to be handled and should be dealt with efficiently.  It's what I get paid for and I mustn't let it get compromised by 'the other stuff'.
.2. Silly comments by Senior Teachers must be ignored.... I've got to remember that there are a few people out there who are 'niggled' or even slightly jealous of the path I'm following.  If I hadn't decided to move on, these comments wouldn't have been uttered....!
.3. Lovely Colleague may appear to be prevaricating, but there's no way that she's going to turn down a good promotion.  It's a win-win situation for her because she's going to have a longer Mat Leave AND get paid more when she returns.  In the meanwhile, when I invite her to take medium term management decisions for the Autumn Term via e-mail, I mustn't get irritated if they appear silly or immature.  It's her first chance to lead up a subject area..... while I've been doing it for 26 years.  She's got to have the space to learn and I must stop being such a control freak!!
.4. I hadn't realised that the process of moving on (which I am looking forward to so immensely) was going to generate so much additional stress.  I'm going to have to create a mental box labelled something like "Yeah...Whatever!!"

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post.  I really appreciated all your support through the 'blogosphere'.  Stay safe through the snow and ice of the next 24 hours.


  1. It's amazing how a good walk can clear your head!

  2. All I can say is Thank goodness I changed my mind at age 16 about being a teacher!
    Teachers need degrees in business organisation and patience too I reckon. I hope things go well for you through the next few months - August will be here before you know

  3. I think it's very hard letting go to something you have been so passionate about for so long. I wish I was one of those who could shut work out of my mind when I am off but I can't. It is official I am a control freak and I know when the time comes I will find it hard to handover to someone else very hard. But you are making the right decision for you and once the Autumn comes hopefully you will have lots of other things planned to focus on. As one of my big three told me not so long ago. I bought them up to onward and upwards and no going back. Now I just have to learn to practice what I preach.
    Hope this week is going better for you.

  4. Jan you've got a whole new chapter of your life starting later this year and you've got commitments at school that you already know give your full attention too. Ignore those who scoff they're probably jealous that you are able to walk away because that takes strength and fortitude. Your students will be a credit to you and the school will realise all too late what they have lost.

  5. Teaching is so much more than "just a career". It's much more than just getting up in front of a room of children and pounding out lessons. It is your life, as you are involved in children's lives and how they proceed as adults. Plus, the extra curriculum stuff. You can't just shut it off at the end of the school day or week, for that matter. Most teachers I know, quit after 25 years--of course, they have good insurance and retirement packages. You've done your part...now, you are still young enough to have lots of life left to do your THING!!! Happy times ahead, that may feel boring because of lack of stress, LOL.

  6. I admire your plans, you've got lots to look forward too. You've worked at being a good teacher for 26 years and now it's time for change. As for jealous colleagues, that's their problem and you can rise above their remarks and petty niggles, they'll get over it. Don't let it spoil your excitement at retiring. Take care. P x

  7. I think you managed to set a few things straight in your mind while you took your walk, now it's just managing to follow them which can be easier said than done. You should be enjoying the last few months before you leave so ignore the silly comments you're getting and focus on the ones who deserve your attention, your pupils.