Monday, 10 April 2017

Nice Things and Good Times..

The doorbell rang on the Friday evening of our NEC weekend and our lovely neighbour from across the road handed us a parcel.  "What's this?" said Mark "I don't think I've ordered anything from Australia."  "Ooooh," said I in a very squeaky voice "THAT'S MINE!!"
...And it was full of fabrics.  A lovely gift from across the blogosphere from Susan at Granny Smith's Quilting (Click on her name to hop across to her blog.  I am in AWE of her quilts.. they are beautiful)

Behind the floral fat quarters, Susan tucked these musical designs as a special surprise.
They are fabulous together.  I want to make something for my music teaching spaces, but I can't quite decide what/how yet...
Thank you again Susan - such a lovely and unexpected gift!

On the subject of Music - I've just got to the end of my second 'financial year' of private instrumental tuition.  I'm pleased to report that my business is growing more or less as I hoped.
It's all very 'low key' and laid back.. but I'm just about making enough to cover all the household and food bills, plus a very small amount for pocket money for myself.
I think the most important thing is that I'm happy, so my pupils get the best of my enthusiasm too.  I now have four harp pupils, six piano pupils, one violin pupil and some A level coaching.
The best things of all???? No crazy management team and NO OFSTED!

And finally... we've found a car to replace the one that was written off in the accident.
(All our cars have names, generally based on their registration plates, so 'Silver Su the Disco 2' is coming to live with us on Friday.  I'm very excited!!)
In addition, we took the Silver Marcos out for a 'post-winter maintenance shake down drive' yesterday afternoon.  She behaved perfectly - which cheered Mark up no end!


  1. What beautiful fabrics you've received - lucky lady! It was very kind of Susan to send them all that way.
    It's lovely to read your business is doing well. It must be very satisfying and if it makes you happy, then even better. X

  2. That's so good to hear about your business and being happy is just so important. Beautiful fabrics and I love the musical designs, how thoughtful xx

  3. Lovely fabrics. Having been on the receiving end of Susan's generosity myself I can vouch that she's such a thoughtful friend. Well done with the business, I'm so pleased it's all worked out for you.

  4. Glad all has worked out with the music business & if I lived closer I might even be one of your elderly pupils, as I can only tinkle on piano & know just one thing on mini harp, which needs tuning I think, as middle C & D sound identical. So glad you liked the fabrics & when you get the chance you can play with them & then sew something. I'll pop you an email with some car questions too. Have a good week & take care.

  5. Good for you in your private teaching business. I look forward to seeing what becomes of quilt squares.

  6. You must be so pleased that your music teaching business is going so well and that you are happy with your pupils and free from all the tedious stuff of teaching in school. Have a lovely Easter weekend enjoying your new car:)

  7. How lovely. Glad to hear all going well. Can't remember if I'll see you Sunday or not. If not Happy Easter 🐣🐰🐣

  8. receiving parcels like that but yarn or crochet orientated. I am also in awe of these designers and people who are quilt makers. I just drool when I see them! Great to hear your freelance teaching is going well. I know what that is like as I have been freelance for 30 years if not more.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

    keep well

    Amanda xx