Monday, 17 April 2017

Celebrating 50 Years...and Other Nice Stuff

On Wednesday evening last week my Mum celebrated 50 Years of Mother's Union membership.  Here she is (in the plain purple top) with the some of the other ladies of Claines Mothers Union, my Dad, me (right at the back) and my sister (second from left).
It was a really poignant evening because, coincidently, the speaker for the evening was from the Huntington's Disease Association.  This meant that the group first heard about everything that Mum had done for the organisation (in Oxford, then in Manchester and lost recently in Worcester) then they heard more about the challenges of having a disease like this in the family.  They particularly became more aware of the health issues and enormous decisions that it creates for myself, my sister and her girls...
But most of the evening was about celebration.
Mum received a huge bunch of blue and white flowers (the colours of the Mothers Union)

We all chatted.....
(Mum's HD means that she rarely smiles, but she was really happy here!)

...and ate plenty of cake

AND FINALLY... my silver Disco has arrived!!!!
Although a small failure of a connection piece and a hose meant that she came home on the back of a recovery truck this lunch time.  Fortunately my wonderful husband has already found the fault and will be able to fix her tomorrow morning.
I hope that you are all enjoying the Easter weekend.


  1. What a wonderful celebration and quite an achievement belonging to an organisation like this for such a period of time. Oh dear, hope you get the car sorted out, it's a good job you've got a handy husband.

  2. How lovely to see you all celebrating so wonderful x

  3. A fantastic achievement for your mum and a fitting speaker for the evening. The flowers are beautiful.
    I hope your car niggles are sorted by now and that you've had a lovely Easter weekend. X

  4. Lovely celebration for your Mum & what a coincidence about the speaker. The Disco is "big" & I think our X-Trail is large. Have a good week & take care.