Sunday, 28 June 2015

Time's Dribbling Through My Fingers...

This post follows on from my post in May - You Couldn't Make This One Up

So, since May half term holiday, OR and I have been plodding along...
~ I've completed the Level 2 Btec External Verification process for the current Year 11
cohort. (That's been masses of work.)
~ I've been constantly pushing between times for the SMT to finalise the timetable,
responsibilities and some kind of appropriate payment.
(Time consuming - but absolutely nothing to show for it)
~ LS (the NQT who is joining OR in September) has come to the school for a few twilight
meetings.  (She's getting cold feet and I reckon she won't last til Christmas)
~ There's been some informal concerts and community events, so the 'goodbyes' have started.
~ I've also written all the Year 9 and Year 10 reports.
The whole hand over process was just waiting for  C. to come back on 22nd June.
She came back for one day....... and then disappeared for the rest of the week!
OR had to continue teaching all her classes, so we've hardly done any hand over work. 
The big question is... "Will she come back tomorrow or - go to the Doctors and get signed off for this week?"
I am actually pretty stressed about this.
I'm also pretty close to exhausted, which is why I'm not doing a great deal of blogging at the moment.
From my point of view, the main problem is that OR is also pretty 'needy'.
She would love me to sit down with her and 'hold her hand' as she goes through all her planning for next year.  Sadly I don't have time to do this.  I have already given her all the documents that I have written which could be manipulated into useful stuff for 2015/6.  I've put electronic copies of all my worksheets into a folder on the shared drive.  I've also looked at her plans for the changes to the Key Stage 3 curriculum and compiled hard copies of these worksheets into a folder for her use.
If C. is in tomorrow then OR is just going to have to get on with things for herself.
She is off timetable completely tomorrow while I have a full teaching day (plus a substantial amount of Year 9 and Year 10 marking).
On Friday morning I bumped into the lovely lady who is just retiring from a role as peripatetic piano teacher for the local music service.  She knows that I'm leaving too, so jokingly asked me "Have you started to find stuff that you'd completely forgotten about at the back of filing cabinets?"
I looked at her completely pathetically and said "Chance would be a fine thing!"
A curious side-effect of all of this is that I'm also getting 'cold feet' about our change in financial situation.  I know that I'm not being rational, but I think that it's because I'm over-tired.
15 more days to go.... EEEEK!


  1. I feel for you, my hubby is working 3 days a week and retires in 8 weeks from a training role which he runs, the company have made plans, ignored their own timetable. Hubby is worried about the trouble they are storing up, but I keep telling him and now you, they are grown ups and they know you are leaving, if they can't sort it whilst you are there, it will be their mess of their own making. Please try and keep your stress levels down,

  2. I know how that feels. Trying to get everything cleaned up and ready for the next person, and they don't seem to be much interested. We liked where we worked and we don't want to leave them in the lurch when we leave, but---if the place we worked or the next person coming in doesn't seem to worry, then you just have to do what you can and wish them luck and move on. BTW--your financial situation will be just fine. With your background, you could always give private music lessons if need be.

  3. Agree with Marlene but I know it won't stop you worrying. It is a big change for you and not just financially your whole life is about to change but for the better and I'm sure you'll embrace it when it finally arrives.

  4. It wont be your problem its there's just look forward to that final day knowing you have done all that you should have and walk away with a big smile and enjoy life :-)

  5. Hang on in there. If there's no time for a proper change over it WON'T BE YOUR FAULT, so you shouldn't stress. Just smile and wave, boys, smile and wave.

    15 days will fly by; look forward to the end of the madness!

  6. I know how you feel but you are not responsible. You've got to take a step back and let them see for themselves were they're going wrong. You are going to be fine. I just know you are a clever resourceful lady.

  7. Try not to worry. It's ridiculous what you're having to deal with. Well done so far.x

  8. If it's any comfort, you may well be amazed at hoe quickly you won't care much after you've left! I know that is VERY hard to believe at the moment, but your life will take a new turn and you'll move on quickly I'm sure. Grit your teeth, you're nearly there!

  9. Hi, I know I've kind of been a bit quiet of late, but is there any chance of an email address, so I can talk a little more with you other than on your blog. Stress can be the most ridiculous thing we can just about experience and that's where I am at the moment, Hope you get through till your leaving day and then can relax and start on the next phase. Take care and lots of huggles too.

  10. Your subconscious is trying to justify not leaving. You will be fine, it's just preretirement jitters, ask any retiree and they will tell you they experienced the same thing. Let them get on with it. There are many expenses incurred by going to work, many of which will disappear, when that work ends. You owe this to yourself, to even consider staying on means you consider others more important than yourself. The future is yours to enjoy. I hope your next post will be post retirement and stress free!!

  11. This isn't your problem! You feel guilt because you care about your students, but you need to care about yourself. Stick to your countdown and you will have a new, stress-free life! I know as I've done it, and with very little money too xxx