Monday, 6 July 2015

A little bit weepy....!

This evening Mark took our eldest niece to her Year 13 Prom.
(She's on the right in this photo)
There were times when she's really struggled with things over the last couple of years - so it's great to see her reach this stage in her life.
With less than 10 days to go, I'm starting to tick off jobs that are unlikely ever to be repeated in my life..
~ the last Sports Day (no tears there... I've never been a fan!)
~ the last lesson with some of my Year 10s who are doing extended work experience placements (weepy!)
~ the last reports and data collections (sadder than you might think because I know how hard these children have worked)
~ lots of marking jobs (which won't be missed)
~ The last Key Stage 3 Presentation Evening rehearsals start tomorrow (could be weepy too..!)
Ex-pupils and parents have been dropping in cards and good wishes for the future - which has been really nice.  I had a particularly lovely chat with an ex-pupil this evening who, at the age of 17, is starting his own business in creative media.  He struggled with dyslexia all the way through school so it's wonderful to see his maturity and confidence.  He really deserves to do well.
Next week pupils and ex-pupils are going to put on a 'Leaving Gig' for me.
Now that's definitely going to be weepy!!!!!!


  1. Bittersweet. Thinking of you. x

  2. Great times still to come. Enjoy the next few days Mrs Weepy x

  3. I hope the last few days are good ones (and not too weepy!)

  4. Oh! Jan so sad....I hate goodbyes!! Nevertheless another step forward in your life on to looking after Nº1 and family from now on. I have been reading your posts for awhile now and I'd say you deserve lots and lots of quality time!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  5. Ooh, you might be stronger than you think at the end, especially if you are kept busy. Good luck with the leaving gig though, certainly a Kleenex moment or two there!

  6. Oh sad! But it's lovely your leaving is being marked. xx

  7. This time will be really sad for you in many ways. I felt very sad to leave the students, but I was in my local last week, when one of them walked in with their mum and came running up for a hug (Mum too). They insisted on buying me a bottle of wine too! It's lovely to know that they are still going strong despite me leaving them in the lurch!! I hope the next few days have positive memories too :)

  8. A lovely photo of your niece and friend at the prom. You must be proud of her. Our grand daughter has just had her prom and is now waiting for exam results so I know how hard students work and want to do their best. These last days of term are emotional ones. Enjoy your leaving do that the pupils and ex-pupils are putting on :)

  9. Oh, so close now. Enjoy this last part, then take a deep breath and relax. I think you should have a big box of tissues on hand at your Leaving Gig for both you and participants. Hope all goes well and look forward to the journey with you on the next chapter of life. Take care.

  10. Try to enjoy it I know it will be hard. But you obviously mean a lot to them and they want to show their appreciation. Tx

  11. Your niece looks lovely. Congratulations to her for her hard work.
    Next it will be you who will be rewarded for her hard work.
    How lovely that your students plan to honour you in this way.
    Tears notwithstanding, enjoy every moment.
    You earned and deserve the recognition.. xx

  12. Good days at the end. I love that former students are coming back to show appreciation.

  13. Your niece looked gorgeous, hope she had a wonderful time. It's hard sometimes saying goodbye, but new things are exciting too xx

  14. Weepy for sure. But in a good way.

  15. Your niece looks beautiful and I can tell how proud you are of her. It can be a very hard time for them at this age, so much going on and so many important decisions to be made. Try and enjoy these last couple of weeks, you are obviously held in high regard when ex pupils are popping by to wish you well. There's only one or two teachers in my own experience who I'd have done that for and the same with my kids. I know how hard you've worked for your students and they obviously do too, good teachers are hard to come by.