Sunday, 14 June 2015

25 Days To Go..

Early morning sunshine in my classroom...
This room has been my life since 2006......
The walls are filled with photo memories of concerts, trips and projects..

My desk will need some sorting out soon.
I can't leave this level of chaos for the next teacher.
I know what's in each pile - but most of it is pretty irrelevant
and can probably find it's way to the re-cycle bin..

I love the light in my room at 7.30 in the morning...
but soon this is going to be my new sun-filled work space.... 
Recently my colleagues have started to ask me what it feels like to be leaving.
My answer at the moment is "Weird."
I feel more muddled and emotional than I expected.
Some of the time I feel really quite scared...
...even though I know that the next phase of my life is going to exciting and different.
To be honest - I'm just not great at change.
But I'm sure that I'll get my brain round it soon!!!


  1. I know the feeling Jan - I felt like that when I left my old school for teacher training. I'd been there 11 years and it was the school I'd attended. I was leaving for very different reasons though! 25 working days to summer?! I can't wait!

  2. 25 days to freedom from the bells! and a new door opening
    Enjoy your last few weeks and I hope the school got organised for next term.

  3. I cannot imagine leaving- I find change hard! But your beautiful harp!x

  4. As the song says "Every new beginning comes from some other beginngs end." CHEERS!

  5. Not long now! The good thing is that you'll channel your love of music, your playing and teaching in a different way and in a more relaxed environment.

  6. I know how you are feeling. A long time ago I worked in a school as an ICT instructor and Librarian. I was involved in a new after school project that was a huge success. The children thrived and enjoyed coming to school even those who shouldn't have been there because they had been excluded! I left because of the school politics and lack of support. Just because your successful doesn't mean you can be cut adrift you still need help. I was very upset when I left, I had a wonderful send off by the staff but I went straight down to the job centre to look fr another job! You have your music to fall back on something you love and I'm sure will be extremely successful. Be strong YOU CAN DO THIS. ;0)

  7. Twenty-five days, that's all, hold on tight right to the very end. Treasure these days and then walk away knowing that you have done your absolute utmost for the students you have taught. Thinking of you. x

  8. Not long to go. Change can be scary but I think it does us good. You've got a whole new chapter of your life opening up and it's going to be exciting.

  9. I bet you can't believe this time is imminently going to arrive. It doesn't seem that long ago when you started this new blog describing your great plan of escape. The next 25 days are going to go so fast...

  10. I don't like change either, but when it comes, I find afterwards that it was the very thing I needed. Your new work space is lovely!

  11. This is the time when all the good memories surface. The sun is shining, and it's the start of a new week...... I believe we go through several stages of regret, grief and acceptance in these situations, much as we do when faced with illness and other life altering situations. When I finally left my job, and I wanted to so much, I was in turn, relieved, happy, scared and depressed. It's not always easy to transition from a stress filled full time job, to being a free agent. One day at a time, starting with your holiday, and your new life will shape itself into something wonderful...xx

  12. The time will drag and fly by at the same time.

  13. I did what you are about to do last year. It took me two months to even feel happy about what I'd done and another two to start to feel healthy. Give yourself some time to acclimatise and be sure that you've made the right decision for you. Your room with the harp looks sublime! :)

  14. Happeninguponhappiness has good advice. I couldn't wait to quit work and be a SAHM, and yet when it finally happened, I felt trapped. Just keep telling yourself in the down times that this was the best thing for you now, and the next opportunity is just around the corner.

  15. How exciting, change is hard but can also be wonderful xx