Saturday, 7 March 2015

Playing Truant..

The weather forecast was so lovely for today that Mark and I decided to play truant from all the 'house jobs' and take ourselves off for the day instead.  We decided to visit 'Tyntesfield', the National Trust property on the south side of Bristol.  We got up fairly early, sorted out a packed lunch and set off down the M5.  We've heard lots about the house but never visited it before, so there was a nice 'buzz of anticipation' going on...
This is the south side of the house, the front door and the chapel.  It's enormous and extremely dramatic...
The Victorian gothic interiors are pretty much original and in fantastic condition..

There's so much detail in the hall and stairs that you can't take it in with one view...

The butler's pantry full of basic, everyday things...

..and the servants bell system is so long that you can't fit it in a photo...

The last room you visit is the family chapel.  We stood for ages trying to take in all the beautiful carving and detail...

After our picnic we explored the parkland and gardens...

Even the potting sheds and gardeners office were on a grand scale..

A perfect Spring Day...

Fortunately it's due to rain I'll be a 'good girl' and do the housework!


  1. It looks really beautiful, and a beautiful day too. It makes you want to be out and about when the weather's so good, doesn't it?

  2. The green looks so wonderful. Beautiful detail in your pictures.

  3. That looks to be one wonderful house. We are so lucky to have the National Trust making these places available to us.

  4. What an interesting place - looks wonderful for a day out. Glad you had a super time. The weather yesterday was lovely so I had my first time out in the garden this year tidying up:)

  5. It looks beautiful. All those call bells! We have blazing sunshine today which wasn't forecast.

  6. Well done for making the most of the lovely weather - definitely the right decision. x

  7. It was a beautiful day yesterday! This looks like a lovely place.

  8. Oh good for you! Phooey to school and housework!!!! This looks so much fun, a gorgeous place to visit. Sadly, I spent most of yesterday in a church in Nottinghill rehearsing Schumann and Schubert!x

  9. Wow. I've not heard of this place. It's obviously a 'must visit'. Yet another I've found through my blogging friends! Another to put on 'The List'! Sounded an idyllic day! Joan

  10. It's on our list of places to visit. My Dorset friend g went on a coach trip there last summer and said it was wonderful, so we need to Make a Plan! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos.