Monday, 9 March 2015

Not Waving But Drowning?

Things have got pretty muddled here in the last few weeks.  I'm finding it really difficult to untangle the "good busy times" from the "bad stress times" because they both seem to have the same time pressure attached..

The nice things are...
~ Having my harp back.  (The only down side is that it needs tuning at least once per day following the major sound board and re-string surgery.  This takes around 10-15 minutes per tune... and obviously I want to have a play afterwards!)
~ Starting a few private pupils.  (These lovely people will become the basis of my new income stream in September.  Unfortunately it feels like I'm doing two jobs at the moment!)
~ Friends' birthdays and Family Celebrations. (The stuff that makes the world worthwhile)
~ Decent weather.  (Mark and I love days out, walking for miles and photography)
~ Mid-week evening commitments (The monthly meeting for the car club tomorrow; my niece playing a movement of the Bruch Violin Concerto with her school orchestra on Thursday evening - lovely things with the people who matter.)

The bad things are...
~ Level 2 Btec coursework marking (It's taking me 45 minutes per candidate to complete the marking and paperwork.  There are 28 candidates for this Year 11 unit.  Currently I'm doing all this extra work in my own time.)
~ A poor appointment last Thursday for the second in department job (THEN the SMT decided to invite this teacher to start at Easter so I will have to find time to induct them to the department... the sixth new person this year!  I feel like some-one. some-where is having a laugh at my expense.)
~ A strong sensation that this short half-term is galloping by.

You know that I'm not moaning about my 'lot in life'.... it's just that I'd like the time to appreciate the good things properly. 

It's at times like these that I know I made the right decision when I handed in my notice.


  1. Deep breaths Jan, deep breaths. Sauvignon blanc can also be very helpful (but not, in this house at least, on a week night)! Thinking of you. x

  2. Breathe! Poor you! My husband is feeling the exam pressure at school too but at least he's not a HoD!!x

  3. Keep looking forward. I had a similar but not quite as daunting 11 extra performance appraisals last fall. They were squeazed in after work and around soccer games and cross country meets. 28-too much for one being though so sending you good wishes.

  4. Keep saying 'this is the last time' 'this is the last time' when it comes to all the rubbish you're dealing with at school. You will get through it because you're a professional who cares. Deep breath................ Go do it!

  5. Hang on n there Jan not much longer to go and the way these months are whizzing by your finish date will soon be here.

  6. It will all be over soon, just concentrate on the good things.

  7. AND you are healthy!!! A really good thing that you young people don't even think about until you get to be in your mid-sixties! :-)

  8. I'm sort of glad that I'm not the only one moaning, but I'm sure yours is much more stressful and that come September, you'll be stepping out stress-free.
    I've just caught up on your earlier posts and absolutely adore your harp and want to be one of your pupils. Tyntersfield looked lovely and that is the sort of thing we love to do. Car club!! And what sort of cars are you into? We have a Morris Minor ute and another thing we have in common is walking and photography. Hope the week is a little better, take care and lots of huggles from me.