Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A corner of my world...

The days are getting longer so we're getting back into the routine of a quick walk when we get home from work.  It feels great to squeeze in a bit of fresh air before it goes dark.  Here are a few photos from our favourite walk round the block - taken on this evening's circuit.
 Crossing the A38 into the Worcester, at the top of our road...
Following Station Road out of the village to the north.
(You can see the remains of the station to the right of the photo -
it was closed in the 1960s)

Looking back across the fields to the village...

Following the lanes into the hamlet of 'Lower Town' -
past the kennels for the Worcestershire hunt.

A beautifully restored cottage behind the trees in Lower Town..

My favourite tree on the whole walk.
(When the weather is clear you can see the Shropshire hills behind it..)

One of a handful of old black and white houses that are tucked away around the village..

..And the pretty 1930s houses behind the main road...

Tomorrow I'm going to take my camera to work because I need to take some 'evidence photos' for the Year 11 portfolios.  If the weather is decent I'll also take some photos of my working world for another post.
I hope everyone is having a good week.


  1. Nice set of photos. Real & honest. It's great when the days get longer (light wise) isn't it, particularly the mornings. It helps getting up.

  2. Goodness--as I have said before, you live in a beautiful area.

  3. The lighter evenings make such a difference, especially to people who are at work all day. Not long now until the clocks go forward and then it will be lighter even longer.

  4. Nice walk! Oh my parents workshop went well by the way!x

  5. What a lovely walk! Love your special tree:)

  6. Thanks for taking us on lovely walk around your village. I love seeing where my blogpals spend their precious time. Hope all is going well now at school and take care.

  7. What a nice walk. We get so little under the plough around here so it's always a change to see a ploughed field (and what a lovely tree).

    One more week and the clocks change . . .

  8. You've been quiet, Jan. Are you OK? x