Sunday, 14 December 2014

Following my Dreams

Yesterday we started to make my new life dreams come true when we took my harp to Clive Morley Harps in the Cotswold for a service.  I was so excited that I woke up stupidly early like a little kid at Christmas. (Then - wouldn't you know - fell asleep at 5.45 and woke up feeling all 'discombobulated')
We found the little hamlet of Filkins and followed our directions down the lanes.  Eventually we came to the converted barns that house the business.  Here are some of the gorgeous harps in the pedal harp sales room...
The harps on the right are modern instruments with attractive gilt finishes on the soundboards and carved details on the towers.  The harps on the left are much older.  The first one is exactly like my first harp... a 19th Century French instrument made by Erard.  It was lovely to see a harp like this in good condition (generally harps don't age well).