Thursday, 4 December 2014

Guess how much I've saved.... at one of the newly popular discount supermarkets since February.
I'm going to keep you in suspense here and explain that I did a proper set of calculations before starting this particular money saving project.  I added up all the food and household goods bills for the whole of Autumn 2013, then divided them by the number of weeks to come up with the my notional weekly bill.  I have meticulously listed all the food 'spends' (including small shopping trips to buy specific things from other stores) since February.  After a lot of adding and subtracting, I can now reveal....

I saved £1393.00 in 10 months!!!!!
Yes... really!

AND I think that we're eating a much better diet.  It had got to the point where I really couldn't afford the price of fresh veg in my chosen supermarket.  This has been a saving that hasn't felt like a saving... we can eat fresh peppers and fruit as much as we want. There are down sides.... I've given up my lovely 'unhustled' shopping experience for something that feels a little more like hard work.  But that sort of saving buys a lot of compromise.

And if you wondered, yes we have got plans on how we want to spend it - but that's for future posts!


  1. What a great amount. Our nearest supermarket is Tesco but I'm not that keen on it, we've been travelling further just lately to go to Morrisons as I prefer it but we're getting a new supermarket in our little town soon, we don't know which one yet.

  2. Goodness that really is a saving. That's a holiday you've saved for without really missing it. Where are you going ha ha!

  3. That's quite a savings. i think we all could do with a bit of downsizing our dinner plates (we might be healthier) and then be able to follow you. Don't we all say that after the first of the year we are going to make changes....why not right now? You've inspired me.

  4. That's fantastic. I need to do the same thing. We have a new discount store which so far has mixed reviews, but I need to check it out.

  5. That is a great saving! We too go to one of those supermarkets for most things but still have to go to one of the bigger ones for cat food and cat lit. I also prefer milk and yoghurts from the bigger supermarkets - I've found that the milk doesn't last as long from the cheaper ones. Hope you enjoy whatever it is you have planned with those savings:)

  6. I've been going to Lidl- SO much cheaper!x