Sunday, 7 December 2014

Back on My Feet..

This bout of Labrynthitis has really knocked me about (I lost 8lbs in 4 days) but the medication is starting to 'do it's stuff' and I am up and about again now.  This morning we packed a picnic and headed for the Wyre Forest.  There's a 3 mile circuit on gravel tracks, which is perfect if you want fresh air and exercise but nothing too strenuous.

The winter sun reflected on the tree trunks.  It's difficult to capture in a photo just how magical this was....
I'm heading back to the 'chalk-face' tomorrow.  My friends and family are not completely convinced that this is the best idea on the planet (in fact I had a bit of a row with some-one yesterday afternoon who took her opinions about this a little too far!).  However, everyone accepts that I will probably be happier if I can re-establish contact with my exam groups.  I DO feel the most tremendous sense of responsibility for these kids and will get extremely fretful if I stay at home any longer.

While we were trundling about I picked up this pretty Christmas wreath from a road-side stall.  We've hung it from the porch light, sheltered from the wind and the rain.  The rest of the decorations should go up next weekend.  Normally we wait until the weekend before Christmas...but I've got impatient this year and Mark is feeling indulgent!

Year 7 Parents Evening tomorrow night and a Year 11 Recital Evening on Tuesday... Please forgive me if I go a little quiet again for a few days!


  1. Is that Vertigo? I have that occasionally.

  2. So glad you're feeling better. 8lbs in 4 days goodness thats a lot. The walk looks lovely, sunshine at this time of year is so welcoming. Is you wreath fresh ? It looks beautiful. We've put our decorations up early because of the grandchildren.

  3. Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better now. It looks like you had a lovely day for your walk, we haven't seen any sunshine for quite a while now, it seems dull and murky all the time here just lately. Hope the recital evening goes well.

  4. Hope your feeling better, Jan. Taking care of yourself is a priority. Enjoy Christmas and i shall pop in after the New Year when things get back into a routine for me. Sue x

  5. Hope you're feeling better Jan. These things can certainly knock us for six can't they.