Friday, 7 August 2015

Silver Wedding Anniversary Plans and Memories

On the 18th August Mark and I will have been married for 25 Years.
We decided earlier in the year that we didn't want a big party... this is an celebration that we would prefer to spend with our closest family.  So next weekend my parents; my sister, brother-in-law and their girls; Mark's Dad, brother and his partner are going to join us for 'a trip down memory lane'..
When Mark and I met, my family lived on the edge of Oxford and his family lived about 14 miles to the north in a small village.  Our first date was at 'The Trout' - a beautiful pub by the river Thames.  We are going to start the day with coffee at the pub.  To prompt more memories I'm going to create some 'Souvenir Programmes' for everyone the day.... including photos of the early days, our engagement party, the wedding, these up-to-date images that I took when I went to collect Gordon last week, and the menu for our celebration lunch.
This river-side terrace has featured on lots of TV programmes over the years.. especially Inspector Morse.  In 1985 this was the main route into the pub (and it was a cold, dark January night!)
In the mid-eighties this was the bar area.  We sat by an enormous open fire and Mark talked about Banger Car Racing.  (I drank Pernod and lemonade, and tried to nod intelligently at the right moments!)

This is the tiny Medieval church where we were married at 12.00 on 18th August 1990.
(I went to the little village school and had really special memories of services here, so we chose this church rather than the larger 1950s one at the other end of the parish when it came to our special day)

The footpath between the school and the church is still there...just as I remember it!

These buildings were the old Victorian school and school-masters cottage.  The year that I started Infants the school finally moved into the 'new build' a little further along the lane.  The cottage was let to the family of one of my friends so I have strong memories of playing in the tiny rooms.  The school was converted into a larger house.

..And here's the pub where my sister and I did most of our socialising through Sixth Form and University.  It's just round the corner from the church (we even went for a drink there after the wedding rehearsal).  It also has a huge, shady river-side garden and a good reputation for food - so it's going to be the venue for our family meal next week.

I couldn't resist a wander through the village to see what's changed... or not!
(North Hinksey is actually right next to Oxford's Southern Bypass - but these photos make it look as if it's in the middle of nowhere...)

This was the entrance to the home of my best friend from Secondary School.
(Her family were much 'posher' than the rest of us but they thought that the daughters should have a comprehensive education and 'mix with the world'.  Of-course our paths never crossed once she left the local comp. for a private Sixth Form education.  Nevertheless, I have great memories of meals with her family and exploring this enormous and quirky old house..)

And finally I couldn't resist a trip back to the 'Rec' near our old house in Botley.
There's an immense view to the North and 'the swings of dreams' (where I spent most of my free time from 14 - 20, rocking back and forth with my friends and plotting our futures...)

It's a strange feeling to go back after so many years...
- 48 years old and just 'retired'
- planning a silver wedding celebration
Kind of 'grown up but not'....!


  1. Many congratulations ... and last October my husband and I celebrated our Golden Wedding, and like you we didn't want a large party for either event ... for our silver my husband and I went to Burgh Island Hotel, which as you might know is known for being a 1930s house and where Agatha Christie set some of her Poirot stories. Sadly, the meal wasn't up to snuff, but the Art Deco d├ęcor (original) was to be admired. For our Golden Chris and I again had lunch together in a bistro, and then all the family - our sons and their partners and our little grandson - came to our house and we had tea and cake. Who needs a big party when one has one's much loved family?
    Margaret P

  2. Congratulations on reaching 25 years, your celebrations sound lovey :-)

  3. What lovely memories, I hope you have a wonderful day - many congratulations:)

  4. Congratulations! It's a great idea to celebrate this way and I hope you'll all have a wonderful time!

  5. Congratulations, what a lovely post, we often go home to the village in Somerset where I grew up, I hope your family celebration goes well.

  6. Congratulations and I wish a lot of further years togeter, thanks for wonderful post and cheerful memories, greetings from ann

  7. Lovely memories. We too had a smallish celebration three years ago, and a trip for just the two of us.Congratulations and hopes for at least another 25 more!

  8. Congratulations. Your Anniversary plans sound great, what an lovely idea. For our 25rh, which coincided with my mum's 70th birthday, we sneakily invited her sister here from the UK and had a big family party.
    Have a fabulous time xx

  9. How lovely this is and will be!!!

  10. Congrats on your Silver Anniversary and thanks for letting us take a look into your past. I find this very interesting at getting to know you. Have a great day and take care.

  11. What stunning places in your photos. Very picturesque. We celebrate 37 years this October. Time flies.

  12. I used to think that 25 was a long time to be married, but we celebrate 22 this year, so it's looking like an achievable target now! Congratulations and I hope everything goes off well x

  13. what a loveley post, Im sure youll have a great day. x

  14. This is a lovely post, Jan - and what a wonderful way to celebrate. x

  15. Many congratulations and what an imaginative and wonderful place to spend your anniversary!x