Monday, 25 May 2015

"You Couldn't Make This One Up......!"

It was hard to post about things while the school/work situation just got worse and worse - 
so I took a little break until everything reached some kind of resolution.
I made the most of the extra time by
- practising my harp
- designing a thank you gift in needle point for a colleague
- walking miles and miles
- making the most of the long, light evening with a book in the conservatory
(with a glass of Shiraz in hand!)
- and generally chilling rather than 'stewing over' each ridiculous twist in the tale...
The 'Reader's Digest' version of the two weeks goes something like this....
- Once it became clear that C. had let them down the school tried various forms of 'bullying' to keep me for another term/year.
- I said "No", but followed this up with a detailed document of all the things that DID need to be resolved so that Music survives at the school.
- The SMT ignored this for four days... then panicked when they did get round to reading it.
- The staffing Deputy Head invited the NQT who FAILED to get the second in department job in March to take on my role in September.  (And "All hell broke lose..................!")
- This girl is still coming to work in the department for a fixed term contract BUT there will be NO paid Head of Music role from September.
- The two young Music teachers will split all my work between them (including an immense amount of administrative responsibility for the Level 2 Btec) but neither of them will get paid anything for this...
I have been told that a Head of Music post will be advertised in April 2016.
The girls will only be considered for the role if they have 'proved themselves' in the unpaid roles..
I am completely disgusted by the way that the girls have been exploited here...
(And very, very worried about my pupils.)
This isn't how I imagined my final weeks before retirement.
Other teachers have talked about the fun of winding down and enjoying those last lessons.
The only concession the school have made is that they are paying O.R. to remain at the school when C. returns from Mat Leave on the 22nd June.  This means that O.R. can shadow me until the end of term..and somehow miraculously assimilate 26 years of experience in 4 weeks!!
Our 'catch phrase' in the department at the moment is
"You couldn't make this one up!"
I hope that everyone has had a good Bank Holiday weekend.
I will be visiting and catching up with all your news.


  1. Well done for not being bullied into staying! It sounds like getting out of that place is the best thing you can do. I feel for those left behind though and their workload next year!

  2. I suppose the best thing to do is think "Well, it's not my problem..." but as a teacher who cares about her dept and her pupils that's easier said than done. But you can't make it better by worrying or stressing - unless you're going to give into emotional blackmail to stay (Don't Do It!!) - so try to just accept what's happening. If there's anything you can do to make these young teachers' lives easier next year then do it...but look after your own health & well being too.

  3. You just care too much, good for you, but it is their problem. Typical way to save money but sharing a role with the carrot who ever is best might get the full role. Enjoy you pupils and your last few weeks with them.

  4. Flippin heck that is taking the P. how do employers get away with such bad practice? Be strong Jan don't be drawn into staying longer then you intended because you've been made to feel guilty. It's now up to the pupils parents to complain. I deal with the public and due to financial cuts my job receives a lot of flack. I encourage the public to complain, as my employer will not listen to me but they may listen to you. Take care. Not long now.

  5. Incredible! That they resorted to bullying you to stay on, tells me you are getting out just in time. Things will only get worse. My fifteen year old grand daughter has been cooling her heels along with several thousand other students as all of their teachers are on strike across the region. Back to work legislation is in the works, but after almost six weeks on strike, and only three weeks left in the school year, it doesn't look good for the students .
    Your problem, if it may be called that, is that you are a conscientious teacher, where many are not.

  6. That's ludicrous!!! At CBC's last school his head of dep resigned and instead of advertising the post, they interviewed two HLTAs with an interest in music to take the post, one got the job and he and CBC had to run the department between them with the Year of performing arts 'overseeing' them. After a year of teaching, the HLTA then trained for the on the job teacher training. At that point, CBC left for his current job and they got an nqt moving from abroad to replace him. You are not alone x

  7. Oh but his previous HoD didn't care like you did. X

  8. Half a term, Half a term, half a term, keep repeating.
    Are all schools organised in this chaotic way? how do kids today get anywhere at all is what I'm wondering

  9. I hope the young ones push back-there are emplyment laws that sound like they might be in violation of. Good for you thiugh, and deserve to relish in your plans.

  10. Well done for staying strong; keep the countdown. The school need to get their act together I think and face up to the fair decision. (my bet is they won't!)

  11. I know it is difficult when you care so deeply, but well done for not being bullied ( or guilt tripped) into staying. Frugal in Essex is right when she says it is up to the parents to complain; ultimately the children are their responsibility, not yours. From what you have said about the SMT it sounds as though the parents may have a battle on their hands, but it is theirs to fight if they want what is best for their children.

  12. Oh dear - it sounds like you will be well off out of it and that the SLT are being ridiculously short-sighted. It's not a pleasant way to end a career at school; just think of all the previous years instead when things were going well. Chin up! Judy.

  13. Crikey! Agree with others, you are getting out just in time. Don't be swayed by the bullying or your own sympathy for others, if you stay nothing will change, and you will be worn down. Keep counting down the days!

  14. This is insane!! Get out of there while you're still all in one piece!!

  15. I think you've definitely done the right thing handing your notice in, you'll feel much better when you don't have all this stress to deal with. Keep counting down, just half a term left.