Monday, 11 May 2015

A No-Show!

Dear Shelia, Jo, Kezzie, Frugal in Essex, Susan, Sam,
Judy, Judith and Julia
Thank you all for your comments over the last 24 hours.
Support through the 'blogosphere' from across the world is really, really special...
I don't normally post on Mondays, but I thought that you might like to read what happened next..
C. didn't show up at work today!!!
She had "Childcare problems"...??!
(I guess that it saved me a whole day of biting my tongue or saying something that I might regret..)
On the other hand, O.R. has decided to put off her bunions operation indefinitely.
(This is good news as she may well end up running the department in September!)
The rest of the day was really pleasant and full of 'nice stuff'...
The two Year 7 classes were enthusiastic and sweet.
Year 10 worked epically hard and with real focus....
And Year 9 reacted well to their latest performance challenge.
There WAS an awkward moment towards the end of the day when one of the Year 9 girls asked me if C. was still going to teach them next year.  I was caught unawares and gave a non-committal, 'teachery' reply like "That's what the curriculum model says..."
Since I posted yesterday I feel less angry and tearful/frustrated about the situation -
nevertheless, I think I'm still going to feel 'niggled' on behalf of the kids for quite some time.
As you'd expect, the Senior Management Team are VERY cross...
(But they get paid a lot of money to manage these emotions!!!)
So Ladies - thanks again!
Julia - can you let me have a link to your blog?
All the best,


  1. Sorry to hear things haven't been going so smoothly but glad the day turned out ok after all! It's almost all behind you now, the weeks will be into single figures very soon!

  2. Thanks for the thanks. Do you think "C" had a feeling you were going to let fly? Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly and take care.

  3. Oh dear, that's er- awkward that that happened. A bit ironic one might say!
    Yay for postponed bunions.Glad you feel a little less 'Arhgh' about the situation.x

  4. Jan, your students are very lucky to have you, caring about their needs as you do and doing your utmost for them. They are let down by the SMT and the lack of support systems the school has adopted, as are you. Many organisations find that if they support their workers properly, the workers support the students/clients/patients/service-users but many schools overlook this and you are amazing in that you go above and beyond without the support that you have needed. Do not feel in any way guilty that you are leaving these students - that guilt lies at the doors of others. I am glad that there were nice things today - you deserve them. xx

  5. Unfortunately, you will probably never know how tremendously you have impacted your students. I have maintained correspondence with my band teacher for the last 58 years. He influenced my life so much--gave me so much confidence that I truly thought I was the best French Horn player he had ever had in a band. I only found out 10 years after I graduated, that we were his very first teaching assignment, so I was the FIRST (and thus best) French Horn player he had ever taught, he had had no others. HAH.

  6. I've only just caught up with your posts. Can't really comment as I was put right off teaching by my two weeks work experience when I was 15. I was never ever committed to my jobs in libraries and happily gave it up to be a frugal stay at home mum.
    So all I can say is Hang on in there, not long left and you will be fine!

  7. Well that says it all. On the bright side, you had a better day which you probably wouldn't have done if C had turned up.

  8. This suggests me that C is torn about her decision as well.
    It seems you are the only dependable one on your team, and as such will always be the one who picks up the slack.
    Your decision to leave was the right one.
    Start looking forward to a lovely guilt free trip in September..!!

  9. I think you are going to missed more than your colleagues realise once August comes. Just keep ticking the days off the calendar. There are times I feel my tongue is an awful lot shorter than it used to be when people don't do as they promise they will.

  10. I agree with other commenters, stick to your leaving plans or you will be picking up the slack until they carry you out! I took redundancy last year and met with old colleagues today, I'm so glad I left!

  11. Not sure how I missed your update and I have been wondering how the day went. I hope the last 11 moved in ways that let you ficus on what is best for you. And yes, let Sr management deal!