Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pictures From a Heat Wave

We managed to get two complimentary tickets for Friday at the Three Counties Show this year.
Mark finishes work at 1.00 so we popped over to Malvern for a few hours in the afternoon.
It was lovely to see all the care and attention that went into the displays..
We were just in time to see the final stages of the first phase of judging.
(Although we missed the 'parade of champions', where the best of each breed walks round the ring)

There were dark clouds over the Malvern Hills and it had already started to turn incredibly hot and stuffy.  However we were lucky that the rain didn't come our way..

I always take lots of photos of the vintage caravans.  Secretly, I'd love to have one and use it for quirky holidays.  Sadly Mark doesn't share my romantic vision (He can see all of the limitations and none of the 'bygone luxury'!!!!)

We've pretty much moved outside for the last five days.  We even got a new (larger) umbrella to keep some of the sun off the patio.  I spotted it in the Sale at the local garden centre on Saturday.  It was perfect for our Father's Day lunch on Sunday...

In the evenings Mark and I just move the chairs and table from the conservatory to the patio.
While I love my new conservatory, it's thermal efficiencies make it WAY too hot for these temperatures...

I keep moving my hanging baskets around so that they don't get too burnt up and dried out.
I've made far more of an effort with the planters this year because I know that we're going to be around all summer to enjoy them.

On Monday I went up to Cannock to collect two new fuel tanks for Mark's projects. 
Here's Mark checking them out on the decking. 

...And everyone's been making the most of the calm evening weather.
These flew over last night..

Thomas is way too hot...but I can see that he's not in pain at the moment.
He likes to start the day on his favourite chair in the conservatory.
Eventually it becomes way too hot (for anyone - not just those with a fur coat!)

...Then he sprawls anywhere that he thinks he can feel a draught.

Much as I love this hot weather, I think I'm ready for the cooler, damper couple of days that are forecast for the end of the week.  Ness and I are doing some flute and harp stuff for the local church on Sunday.  My harp has been extremely irritable in all the heat and actually broke two strings this afternoon.  I need some less extreme weather to 'calm it down' before the performance!


  1. I too love the warm weather but it's awful when you got to work in it. My feet are in a bowl of water as I type!

  2. I love county shows, we were always taken to The Great Yorkshire Show on school trips, one of the highlights of the year. I'm glad that Thomas is feeling a little better but I do feel for our furries in this weather, it's no fun for them at all. Archie's been zonked out these past few days, though it's cooled down a little today and actually looks like rain, though it's still rather humid.

  3. The county show looks wonderful. We too have been sitting outside quite a bit, moving chairs around the garden into the shade as the sun moves round, our conservatory gets very warm too. Dear Thomas in his fur coat, cats do find the coolest places don't they? Max has taken to sleeping under the outside water tap or on the kitchen floor which seem to be the coolest places at the moment. I hope your harp and flute playing goes well on Sunday:)

  4. Ooh, I do love shows & with shire horses, well I'd be in heaven, but then I just love animals. Now, what do you consider is a heat wave? I do realise we live worlds apart with our climates, but for us a heat wave is temps around the 35-40 deg celsius mark. I do hope you get some more pleasant weather for both Thomas & ness. I was actually extra warm today, but we are in Sydney at the moment & temps have been about 20/21 & I'm in winter clothing & should have packed some lighter stuff (giggle). Take care.

  5. And we've had a bit of a cool front this week. When I was up north for work, about 30 miles from Canadien border, it was dowright nippy. I wished for gloves when I started a long walk. I feel for pets in the hot weather.

  6. It's been beautiful weather and a relief it didn't rain while you were at the show. I would have enjoyed the caravans too. X

  7. I think you have had our Summer by mistake, it's usually quite hot here but so far all we have had is endless rain!The garden is lush, but we can't get a fine day to get out there and tame it!

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