Thursday, 8 October 2015

Presents and Plans

I'm definitely "time rich and cash poor" at the moment, so I'm digging deep into my crafting skills to make as many presents as possible.  I made this bag on Tuesday afternoon (when it was pelting down with rain here in Worcestershire).
Then I made a second bag in a different colour-way yesterday afternoon.  (I am in a group of three friends who all have birthdays in November - so we always meet up for a joint celebration and swap presents at some stage in the month.)

The material is a really lovely quality with attractive details in the leaves.   I bought it from a clearance bin in a interior design shop in Hereford.  Each piece of material was about 34 inches long and 16 inches wide, so I've got some useful pieces left over from these projects.  I think I paid about £8.00 for five pieces - so the bags have cost me less than £2.00 each (plus lots of love, time and cursing over pricked fingers!!!!)

With the benefit of hind-sight I wish that I'd picked up more pieces... but I was in the early days of developing my fabric stash and didn't recognise the potential.  However, I've got the same design in a pretty blue colour-way which may be nice for my Mum for Mother's Day.  The other two pieces are a kind of bold stripy deck chair design.
Thank you for all your suggestions for Saturday night. 
You really kick-started my creative juices and I'm now having loads of fun with my plans.
Here's the provisional menu...
Golden Peach Cocktails
Glowing golden autumn vegetable soup
Cold Roast meats
and a selection of hot and cold 'sides' including
Roast Veg with Double Gloucester Cheese
Lightly curried potato salad etc
"Climb Every Mountain" dessert (a profiterole pyramid)
Golden fruit pie
A lemon syllabub
a 'Golden' cheeseboard
I've got loads of autumnal coloured tea light holders to dress the table and a vase for some yellow flowers.  I've also decided to develop the expedition aspect of the award by giving each guest a placemat that's personalised with a section of OS map of significance to them.  H. will get a map of the area that she walked in; I. will get a map of the area of north wales where her best friend lives; B-in-Law will get a map of an area of the Lake District where he went open water swimming for the first time this summer... and so on!  Hopefully it will work...
Fortunately I've only got a couple of pupils in the next few days so I should be able to organise this in a 'calm and measured manner'!
What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Love the bags Jan. I'm looking forward to having more time next year to be able to make things. I'd love to make enough through the year to undertake a table top sale.

  2. The OS maps sound like a wonderful idea, the menu is looking good as well, you are becoming a bag lady in the nicest way :-)

  3. It sounds as though you are enjoying your ' retirement', which is wonderful to read.The bags are really lovely and I'm sure your friends will appreciate them. Yesterday I renovated and recovered a footstool and this afternoon I made 2 cushions - all as gifts for Christmas. I know - it's only October, but for the last 2 years I've made quilts in December and ended up with sore fingers so decided I would start early this year ! I bought a book of fabric samples for £2 at the carboot sale a couple of weeks ago so all the fabric I've used has come from them.Tomorrow is earmarked for making a pencil case and fabric covered notebook. We'll be finishing painting the lounge at the weekend - your party sounds like much more fun!

  4. The bags are lovely, your friends will be very pleased with those. The party sounds wonderful, it will be so much fun having a gold theme. We're quite busy on a weekend with university visits at the moment, two last weekend, but there's none this weekend, we've got a weekend off so I'm going to make the most of it.

  5. The bags are amazing! So neat and precise! The golden celebration sounds truly fantastic!!x

  6. Well done on those bags and the fabric is gorgeous. Lucky recipients. Now that menu sounds very golden in both colour and delicious eating. Best of luck for the day and take care.

  7. I love the bags, The fabric is super!
    Glad you have settled on a menu and table decorations, it all sounds great!

  8. Beautiful material for the bags. You are such a great designer--table decorations, menu and decorations around the house. Wish i lived closer. :-)

  9. Those bags are fabulous! So neat and perfect - I'm impressed and envious of your sewing skills. The menu sounds lovely too and I love the map idea. I would say you can tell you were a teacher!! Nice to read how much you are enjoying your time :)