Sunday, 22 February 2015

Getting 'All Dramatic'...

We live about 6 miles away from Hanbury Hall, a National Trust property with lovely formal gardens and beautiful parkland.  As locals we know all the footpaths that lead onto the estate but, as NT members, we always go through the visitor entrance so that the house gets its share of our subscription(...and because I'm the sort of person who always gets caught!)  Yesterday was a perfect day to take the camera for a walk across the park..

Eventually we cut down some lanes to the Worcester to Birmingham canal tow path. 
The reflections were spectacular...
At the bottom of these locks we turned back up the hill towards the park.  The air quality was so clear that I managed to capture this shot of the whole of North East Worcestershire...
I'm going back to my 'indoor' life tomorrow.....but only for 18 more teaching weeks!
However I know that there's a blizzard of 'silly stuff' waiting for me at school.  At the moment I don't even know who I'm going to be working with at 8.30 tomorrow morning.  The Greek Supply teacher may still be there OR (following the incidents that he was directly responsible for in the week before the holiday) there may be the Lovely Lady Supply teacher who I interviewed on the last day of term OR the Adorable Ex-Pupil Supply teacher.
I'm aiming for a 'Zen-like state of calm' at 7.20 tomorrow morning...!!!!
Realistically, I'll settle for a day that only requires one glass of 'recovery red wine' in the evening!!
To all other teachers out there... "Bon Courage!"
Only 5 weeks until Easter...


  1. Envy the parts of the world that are starting to get spring like days. It was still -4 F coming home from church at 11:45. Yesterday was better so got more walking in. Being that my whole state is less than 175 years old, we don't have a lot of old estates and certainly not ones that have these kinds of trails and gardens. so much to see when in , oh, 15 years or so I'm able to retire and live partially in the UK. I'll keep good thoughts that your zen like feelings will stay, but I'd gladly have an extra glass of red on your behalf if you need one.

  2. Beautiful pics, Jan - look at the clouds! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow - keep your chin up. x

  3. It's 6 weeks until Easter here... we finish on 2nd April, the day before good friday! I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning. It's an INSET day for me. Hope your first day back goes smoothly and no 'recovery red' is required at all!

    I've never been to Hanbury, it looks a lovely place for a walk.

  4. Lovely photos, and as my long term followers know, I miss not being able to walk along the tow paths of canals, as we don't have any here.I do hope the school term starts well for you and one of the latter supply teachers is awaiting you in the morning. Take care.

  5. Stunning shots of the lakes and beautiful reflections. Keep strong. 18 weeks will pass in no time. X

  6. Oh such beautiful views Jan! Yes, I was feeling the gloom today- we tried to ignore it by going dancing! Hope that you get the nicest supply teaching option!xx

  7. Thanks for taking me along. I need photos of something other than snow and thermometers showing -15F degrees!!!

  8. The photos of sky and reflections in the water are very atmospheric. I hope your first day went well, although I know you'll be counting the days until your next break at Easter!